Frederik Uldall

Frederik Uldall

Academisc secretary

Academic secretary/research administrator/project manager

Main affiliations:
(1) HOBE – Center for Hydrology – a Hydrological Observatory.
(2) ICOS – Integrated Carbon Observation System.

Secondary affiliations:
(1) FIVA International School of Water Ressources (Closed).
(2) EVA - Forskningsbaseret efter- og videreuddannelse i vandressourcer (Closed).
(3) Hydrologiforum.
(4) Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen.

Examples of tasks
Management and design of database containing meteorological, soil moisture, groundwater, and discharge data. Maintenance of three fieldstation PCs. Installation of websites. Webmaster of two websites. Writing news stories for websites. Backup of project data and websites. Proofreading of scientific articles for peer reviewed journals. Keeping track of publications and field site instrumentation. Guest lecturing in “Theories of Science”. Financial management and preparation of annual accounts/reports to THE VILLUM FOUNDATION. Conference planning (e.g. Hydrology Day in Odense). Coordination of project meetings and annual scientific meetings with international advisory board (approx. 30 project meetings and 5 international seminars). Preparation of meeting material. Taking minutes. PhD course management (approx. 25 international courses). Planning and coordination of field trips. Travel arrangements for international researchers and PhD students. Video editing. Hotel booking and reimbursement of expenses. Administration of job applications. Fundraising. Procurement of scientific equipment. Project car management and maintenance. Miscellaneous support to department employees. Administration of university field stations: Salten Skov Laboratoriet, Skalling Laboratoriet, and Denmark House (Ghana) (latter discontinued).

ID: 187643123