Bettina Lamm

Bettina Lamm

Associate Professor


Leadership at UCPH, 2015

Didactics for university teaching, Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitet 2008

PhD, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, whit the dissertation FIKTIONSRUM - rumudtryk og rumoplevelse i digital virtual reality kunst, KADK 2006

Landscape Architect, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture 1996

Exchange student at College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley, USA, 1994



Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture and -Urbanism Research Group, Division of Landscape Architecture and Planning, IGN, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, part of research group leader team, 2007-present

Research assistant, Division of Urban Design and Planning, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, 2005

Assistant professor, Institut for Design, Kommunikation og medier, IT – Universitetet, 2002

Owner Playscape Research multimedia company – interactive game concepts, 1999-2002      

Project manager and concept developer Caput, webbureau, 1999            

Landscape Architect West 8 Landscape Architects, Rotterdam, Holland, 1997-98

Landscape Architect Ahnfeldt-Mollerup + Wiesner arkitekter, 1992+95   

Landscape Architect Intern Walter Hood Studio, landscape architect, Berkeley, USA, 1994



PuSH: Pubilc Space in Social Housing, HERA – EU funded cross national research project 2019-21

Move the Neighborhood: An interdisciplinary research project on co-designing and prototyping public urban spaces with children - in collaboration with KADK and SDU (KU project leader) 2016-20

Cultivating Public space: Urban agriculture as a basis for human flourishing and sustainability transition in European and Norwegian cities m. Norsk forskningsråd 2018-20

DEMOS: Governing private provision of public space. With NIBR og Norsk forskningsråd 2016-19

SEEDS EU North Sea Region Interreg Project: Transformation through temporary activation of vacant sites (Workpackage and country leader) 2012-15

Instant Urbanism: Research network on temporal art and architecture in urban environments (in collaboration with AUC and AAU) 2012-13

Fremtidens idræts- og legelandskaber / The Digital Footbal: with Center for brugerdreven innovation & Mandag Morgen 2007–10

STAGING of digital interactive inhabited 3d spaces ved prof. Lars Qvortrup AUC 2000-02

Kyborger og Cyberspace – ”mellem fortælling og socioteknisk virkelighed” ved prof. N. Lykke SDU 1999 – 2002



Smedetoften: consultant on activating public space, social inclusion, and process facilitation 2018-19

Pios Plæne co-created public space for play with children Ellebjerg Skole , Sydhavnen Købehavn 2017

Karens Minde co-created installations for play with children Rubinen , Sydhavnen Købehavn 2017

Herman Bangs Plads consultant on design of public recycling station. With Bascon 2016

Den Grønne Friskole co-creative educational school yard and community garden, build design process 2015

Valby pavilion, 2013 Design strategy and construction of pavilion installation for facilitating public activities on the vacant site part of SEEDS experimental projects exploring intersection between space design and policy

Havnhaverne Consultant on design and management of urban farm in public space in harbor of Køge (2013)

Smedetoften Co-creative project process building urban vegetable garden with children from Youth Club (2012)

Urban Play Curator and project manager of art and architecture exhibition staging industrial urban landscape through site specific interactive installations as part of a strategic urban development plan. Søndre Havn, Køge, 2012

Havnegoblerne Process facilitation and design of interactive water-playscape, Odense Havn in collaboration with LOA Fonden, Odense Kommune, Center for Playware, DPU, Bisgaard Landskab, build 2011

Virtual exercise route Meeting places and play areas with trampolines and climbing structure in collaboration with LOA, Herlev Kommune, Center for Playware, DPU, Bisgaard Landskab, build 2011

Hæng ud I bevægelse Public site at Brøndby Train Station in collaboration with Brøndby Kommune og 1:1 landskab. Part of “En god omvej” ved Realdania og LOA, 2010

Byens arena Design for parking lot transformed into play area in collaboration with Gladsaxe commune and Niras. Part of “En god omvej” ved Realdania og LOA, build 2010

Fælledparken Design of urban public play area at Serrislevvej, Fælledparken with Bisgaard Landskabsarkitekter, 2009

Grønnegade  Interactive digitial light and water instrument for architecture competition on Gråbrødre Torv, Odense for Odense Kommune and Brandts Klædefabrik in collaboration with EBD Arkitekter, 2008 (indkøb)

MasterMindMotion Spillet om Marken: virtually supported landscape exploration game with Triple Design, 2008

Odense Idrætspark Masterplan and user group workshops on green areas around Odense Idrætspark 2006




Innovation through temporary use, SEEDS conference, with European Interreg. network, Sheffield 2015

World in Denmark: Nordic Encounters - Traveling Ideas of Open Space Design and Planning Head of academic conference, University of Copenhagen 2014

Instant Urbanism – temporary art and architecture in urban environments, Academic conference, University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with Aalborg University 2013

Contemporary art, play and temporary use in urban development, Main organizer, presenter and host, University of Copenhagen 2010

Nye rammer for leg og bevægelse, Organized in collaboration with MandagMorgen, University of Copenhagen 2000

Aktiverende uderum, Organiser and presenter, University of Copenhagen, Skov & Landskab, 2008

Nyt liv i kirkerne, Organizer and presenter of conference on alternative use of church spaces, in collaboration with Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, Bygningskultur Danmark, Kirkefonden, 2006

WORLD@RT, Main organizer of international academic conference and four masterclasses on interactive digital art, in collaboration with Lars Qvortrup and Aalborg University, 2000



Urban Play, Curating civic engagement and public life through temporary art and architecture interventions. With curator Råderum, Køge Harbor, 2012

Build what here, jury for selection of temporary intervention project for Roskilde festival Poor City, with DAC

Playspots 1:1, curator of exhibition on installations for play, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, 2006

MOveMENT, curator of exhibition on architecture for activity, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, 2005

WORLD@RT main organizer of international exhibition on interactive digital art, in collaboration with Lars Qvortrup and Aalborg University, 2000












Associate Professor

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