Erling Andersen

Erling Andersen

Senior Advisor

  • Landscape Architecture, Planning and Design

    Rolighedsvej 23

    1958 Frederiksberg C

    Phone: +45 35 33 18 13Mobile: +45 28 30 08 81

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  1. 2012
  2. Published

    A framework for a european network for a systematic environmental impact assessment of genetically modified organisms (GMO)

    Graef, F., Römbke, J., Binimelis, R., Myhr, A. I., Hilbeck, A., Breckling, B., Dalgaard, T., Stachow, U., Catacora-Vargas, G., Böhn, T., Quist, D., Darvas, B., Dudel, G., Oehen, B., Meyer, H., Henle, K., Wynne, B., Metzger, M. J., Knäbe, S., Settele, J., Székács, A., Wurbs, A., Berhard, J., Murphy-Bokern, D., Buiatti, M., Giovannetti, M., Debeljak, M., Andersen, Erling, Peatz, A., Dzeroski, S., Tappeser, B., van Gestel, C. A. M., Wosniok, W., Séralini, G., Aslaksen, I., Pesch, R., Maly, S. & Werner, A., 2012, In: BioRisk. 7, p. 73-97 25 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

  3. Published

    Measuring societal awareness of the rural agrarian landscape: indicators and scale issues

    Paracchini, M. L., Capitani, C., Schmidt, A. M., Andersen, Erling, Wascher, D. M., Jones, P. J., Simoncini, R., Ribeiro, S. C., Griffiths, G. H., Mortimer, S. R., Madeira, L., Ramos, I. & Pinto Correia, T., 2012, Joint Research Centre, European Commission. 139 p. (E U R; No. EUR 25192 EN).

    Research output: Book/ReportReportResearchpeer-review

ID: 4238112