Lærke Sophie Keil

Lærke Sophie Keil

Assistant Professor

As a trained landscape architect from the University of Copenhagen, I am experienced in analysing and designing open spaces. With a specialization in developing urban spaces in post-WWII neighborhoods, I have continued into the field of research as part of a large research project Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes, funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research, Humanities (2017-2020). The sub-project Practicing Welfare Landscapes investigates the role and impact of the designed landscape characters, their relation to the city, the landscapes they are a part of and in particular the way they are and have been practiced and lived over time by multiple generations.

My research questions planning and renovation processes in social housing, the right to "green" and place itself in between designed landscapes and changing notions of welfare.

The project is supervised by Svava Riesto Mag.art., PhD, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Copenhagen, and Tom Avermaete, Dr.Prof., Chair for the History and Theory of Urban Design, ETH Zürich.


Teaching at the University of Copenhagen:

Theories and Methods of Landscape Architecture, teaching assistant (2017, 2018)

Theories of Urban Design, teaching assistant (2016)

Theories and Methods of Landscape Architecture, student assistant (2015)

Læreanstalternes Fælles Byplankursus, process supervisor (2014)

ID: 164500115