Svava Riesto

Svava Riesto

Associate Professor



Key research areas: landscape architecture history, theory and historiography; critical heritage studies; cities and landscapes of the welfare state, social housing, public space, gender, diversity and inclusion in architectural history, research methods, post-industrial urban landscapes. Intersections of urban planning, landscape architecture, heritage, and climate change. 


Short bio: Svava Riesto studied art history at the Arctic University of Tromsø, Freie Universität Berlin and University of Copenhagen, where she also gained her PhD in landscape architecture and urbanism. She has worked for several years in participatory design and community-based heritage and is concerned with how research and education can engage with local communities and the public.





2015-   Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, Dept. Landscape Architecture and Planning.  

2011-2015 Postdoc Research Fellow, University of Copenhagen, Dept. Landscape Architecture and Planning. (maternal leave 2013)

2007-2012 Phd Fellow, University of Copenhagen, Forest & Landscape.

2006-2011 Co-founding Partner in the urban consultancy Ekstrakt – landscape architecture, participatory planning, urban strategies.

2005- 2006 Head of Communications SLA Landscape Architects.

2004-2005 Art Historian  SLA Landscape Architects.

2001-2005 Part-time Teacher, University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Art and Cultural Studies, Art history (maternal leave 2003).

2001 Project Employee, The Danish Town Planning Institute/the Danish EU Presidency.





2012 PhD, Landscape architecture and planning, University of Copenhagen, LIFE.

2001 Art history, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of the Humanities

1997 BA  Art history, The Arctic University of Norway Tromsø, Dept. of Art History.

1995-96 Erasmus Grant Student, Freie Universität Berlin, art history, ethnology, history.





2020-23 Co-PI, with Henriette Steiner, Women in Danish Architecture 1925-1975. A new history on gender and practice. Research project Independent Research Fund Denmark, Realdania, Dreyer foundation, Statens Kunstfond, Boyes Fond, Danish Building Fund, University of Copenhagen.


2019-2021 Co-leader of Working Group on Theory (25 people), with Henriette Steiner. EU Cost Action Writing Urban Places. New Narratives of the European City. 



2019-2022 Management committee member, EU Cost Action Writing Urban Places. New Narratives of the European City.


2019-2022 Academic host and mentor, Impossible Instructions. International Post-doc project Heidi Svenningsen Kajita, Danish Independent Research Found.


2019-2021 Leader of the workpackage Living Heritage, EU Hera project PuSH Public Space in Social Housing, Funded by the European Commission. PI Ellen Braae.


2019-2021 Steering Committee Member, EU Hera project PuSH Public Space in Social Housing, Funded by the European Commission. PI Ellen Braae.


2017-2021 Sub-project leader Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes. Danish Independent Research Found. PI Ellen Braae.


2003-2007 Co-PI, with Anne Tietjen, Interdisciplinary research project, Towards preservation strategies for a different urban space (Forankring i Forandring). University of Copenhagen, Faculty of the Humanities. Politikenfonden, Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond and more.


2006-2009 Partner in the urban consultancy Ekstrakt with Karen Margrethe Krogh and Barbara Le Maire Wandall. Participatory urban planning, co-design strategies etc. Project leader for multiple urban planning and co-design projects.


2005-2006 Head of the communications department SLA Landscape Architects and project leader for strategic communications projects, exhibitions, publications, archiving projects and more.



Leadership programmes

Regular Mentoring Sessions on research leadership with Mette Hjort, Dean of arts and chair professor at the  Hong Kong Baptist University, 2019-21


Leadership development programme, Coaching Sessions of executive coach cand.psych. Thea Mikkelsen 2020-21, together with Henriette Steiner to develop form of co-leadership.


Conflict management course, Puk Scharbau, University of Copenhagen 2021


Media training course, University of Copenhagen/Fridays communications, Sune Bjørnvig, 2019


Project management course Ideus 2006


Leadership of creative employees, course with executive coach cand.psych. Thea Mikkelsen, 2006





2022 Publication grant for the monograph Women in Danish Architecture, Ny Carlsberg foundation, together with Henriette Steiner. 


2022   Guest professorship grant for Despina Stratigakos, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Science, co-applicant together with Henriette Steiner in collaboration with Pernille Bjørn.


2022 PhD course grant Landscape, Architecture and Gender, The University of Copenhagen, Factulty of Science, co-aplicant with Henriette Steiner.


2021 Funding Sea Level Rise and Cultural Heritage Research Practice Report, Realdania.


2021 PhD course grant Landscape, Architecture and Gender, The University of Copenhagen, Factulty of Science, co-aplicant with Henriette Steiner.


2020 PhD course grant Landscape, Architecture and Gender, The University of Copenhagen, Factulty of Science, co-aplicant with Henriette Steiner.


2020 Funding for research project Women in Danish Architecture 1925-1975, with Henriette Steiner (co-PI), Realdania, The Independent Resarch Fund Denmark, The National Building Foundation, The Danish Arts Foundation, The Dreyer Foundation, Karin & Georg Boyes Fond.


2019-2021 International postdoc scholarship by Heidi Svenningsen Kajita Impossible Instructions, My role: Academic Host and mentor at the University of Copenhagen (in collaboration with Newcastle University), Danish Independent Research Fund.


2020 Grant for research network A Response to the Ghetto Plan, Sweco Stiftelse för Forskning og Utbildning, co-applicant together with Meike Schalk (main applicant), Heidi Svenningsen Kajita, Helena Mattson, Jennifer Mack.


2019-2022 Funding for European research project Public Space in European Social Housing (PuSH) with Ellen Braae (PI), Anne Tietjen, Marie Glaser, Inger-Lise Saglie, Henriette Steiner, Laura Lieto, EU Project in the HERA framework.


2017-2021 Funding for research project Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes, with Ellen Braae (PI), Henriette Steiner, Anne Tietjen, Danish Independent Research Fund.


2015   Publication grant Biography of an industrial landscape, The Tuborg Foundation.


2015   Guest professorship grant for Tom Avermaete, Velux Foundation, co-applicant together with Ellen Braae and Henriette Steiner


2014   Guest professorship grant for Andrea Kahn, Centre for Strategic Urban Research, co-applicant together with Anne Tietjen


2014   Publication Grant for special Issue of Nordic Journal of Architecture Research, Centre for Strategic Urban Research, co-applicant together with Ellen Braae, Henriette Steiner, Anne Tietjen


2014   Publication Grant monography Biography of an industrial landscape, Centre for Strategic Urban Research, main applicant


2014   Grant World in Denmark Conference #10, Nordic Encounters, Dreyers Foundation, co-applicant together with Bettina Lamm


2013   Guest professorship grant for Andrea Kahn, Centre for Strategic Urban Research,  main applicant


2011   Post.doc. grant Preservation of large-scale urban areas, Bygningskultur 2015/Realdania and the Cultural Ministry of Denmark, PI Ellen Braae


2011   Grant, World in Denmark Conference #7 As Found, Dreyers Foundation, co-applicant together with Ellen Braae


2009 PhD colloquium grant “Urban transformation and the need for new histories” REFOLANA research school, main applicant


2006   Publication funding for Forankring i Forandring,  Realdania, co-applicant toegeher with Anne Tietjen


2006   Publication funding for Forankring i Forandring, Dreyer Foundation, co-applicant together with Anne Tietjen


2006   Publication funding for Forankring i Forandring, Politiken Foundation, co-applicant together with Anne Tietjen


2005   Exhibition funding, Wunderstadt, Danish Art Foundation, co-applicant, PI Stig Andersson


2005   Exhibition funding, Wunderstadt, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968, Co-applicant PI Stig Andersson


2001   Study trip grant, Danish-Greenlandic Culture Grant


2000   Study trip grant, Letterstadska Foreningen


2000   Study trip grant, Politiken Foundation




2015, City of Copenhagen's Building Award (Københavns Kommunes Bygningspræmiering) for Statens Museum for Kunst’s new entrance and garden, My role: site analysis and historical consultant for team Karres et Brands/Polyform.


2014   The Eslargart honorary scholarship for “research within the history of Danish garden art, its transformation and preservation”


2013-2014 prize invited design competition for Statens Museum for Kunst’s new entrance and garden, My role: site analysis and historical consultant for team Karres et Brands/Polyform.


2010   The Haastrup honorary scholarship for “outstanding contribution” to the “success and internationalization of the scientific conference World in Denmark 2010” entitled As Found.


2005   1st prize invited design competition for development plan for Valby Idrætspark. Participant in team SLA (where I was then employed). My role: site analysis, programming, design critique.





Since 2015 reviewer for 

  • Journal of Landscape Architecture
  • Landscape Research
  • Periskop Forum for kunsthistorisk Debat
  • Various books on cultural heritage and landscape for Ashgate
  • Spool
  • Nordic Journal of Housing and Settlement History
  • Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie
  • Nordic Journal of Architecture
  • Nordic Journal of Architecture Research
  • Dimensions of Architectural Knowledge
  • Writingplace 
  • CIDADES, Comunidades e Territórios
  • Journal of Architecture


Since 2016 Member of the editorial advisory board of the journal Nordic Journal of Settlement History, Swedish Science Press.


2021 Guest editor of Landscape Research, special issue on ‘European Mass Housing Landscapes’ together with Ellen Braae, Henriette Steiner, Anne Tietjen.


2016 Guest editor of Periskop. Forum for kunsthistorisk Debat, special issue on ’Arkitektur og Kvantitet’, together with Martin Søberg and Markus Bogisch.


2015 Guest editor of Nordic Journal of Architectural Research, special issue on ‘Nordic Encounters’, together with Boeggild, S. Riesto, S., Steiner, H., Tietjen, A.


2010 Guest editor of the first issue of Nordic Journal of Architecture, special issue on ‘As Found’, together with Ellen Braae


2001  Editor of research-based policy report Published by the Danish Town Planning Institute together with the Danish Ministry of the Environment as a special initiative at the Danish EU Presidency.

English edition: European Cities In a Global Era. Urban identities and regional development.

French Edition: Les Villes Européennes A L'ère De La Mondialisation ; Identités Urbaines et Développement Régional

Danish Edition: Europæiske byer i en global era: Byidentiteter og regional udvikling.





Since 2022 Elected board member Havehistorisk Selskab (Danish association of garden history)


Since 2019 Byerne og det Stigende Havvand, Invited expert on cultural heritage and it’s role in facing climate change, The philanthropic association Realdania and The Danish Board of Technology in partnership with The Danish Coastal Authority, The Danish Ministry of the Environment


2021 Assessment committee member, appointment of PhD-candidate for research on building cultures in the arctic, Oslo School of Architecture.


2020 Assessment committee member, appointment of senior lecturer of Landscape Architecture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


2020 Assessment committee member, appointment of associate professor of urban design, Aalborg University


2020 Employment committee member, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Copenhagen, IGN


2019 Employment committee member, Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Urban Design, landscape Architecture, University of Copenhagen, IGN


2016-2020, Member of Udvalget for Nyere Tids Arkitektur, Landsforeningen for Bygnings- og landskabskultur. Expert panel on 20th century architecture and heritage for the NGO that is appointed by the Ministry of Culture to submit buildings, built environments and gardens for national heritage protection. 3-4 annual meetings. Formulation of strategic plans for listing practice, knowledge-seminars, specific listing proposals, collaboration with local communities and more.


2016 Invited expert to the seminar Vardø Restored – workshop with invited international researchers, students from the Arctic University of Noway Tromsø and representatives from the local community to co-create a strategic urban plan in the face of population decline and decay of historic decay.


2012-2015 Invited expert to the network Bygningskultur 2015 – a national network for all Danish Municipalities, chaired by Realdania and the Ministry of Culture. I contributed to various conferences, panels, publications etc. as an expert in urban preservation in the large scale and the value, but also the pitfalls of using cultural heritage as an asset for urban development.


2015 Scientific consultant for the international triennial and book Landscape Architecture Europe, Awarding significant new landscape architectural projects across Europe.



2014 Scientific committee member, Nordic Encounters, International academic conference, World in Denmark conference series, University of Copenhagen. 


2012   Advisory Board member, Hedehusene: Industrikulturens grænseløse kulturarv i byfornyelsen, Høje Tåstrup municipality/Ministeriet for By, Bolig og Landdistrikter.


2012 Scientific committee member, City Plantastic, International academic conference, World in Denmark conference series, University of Copenhagen. 


2011 Scientific committee member, Fear of Nature, International academic conference, World in Denmark conference series, University of Copenhagen. 


2010   Scientific committee member, As Found, International academic conference, World in Denmark conference series, University of Copenhagen. 


2008   Copenhagen X, member of the Urban Panel – expert panel on urban development, Danish Centre for Architecture


2008   Expert panel member, the heritage and future development of Christiania, organized in the context of discussions about potential listing of Christiania’s buildings and planning for its densification.


2001 Secretary for the expert board of the EU-project European Cities in a Global Era. Urban Identities and Regional Development, Danish Ministry of the Environment, Danish EU-presidency.




Anne Pind, The Danish Academy/University of Copenhagen. Co-supervisor since 2021

Nicole de Lalouviere, ETH Zürich, Chair of Theories and Methods of Urban Design. Co-supervisor since 2022


PhD Supervision,  graduated

Lærke Sophie Keil Practicing Welfare Landscapes, University of Copenhagen. Main Supervisor. Graduated 2022


Ann-Charlott Eriksen Into the Green Facades, University of Copenhagen. Main supervisor. Graduated 2019



Post.Doc. Supervision and mentorships

Heidi Svenningsen Kajita Impossible Instructions, International Post-doc- Danish Independent Research Fund, collaboration of the University of Copenhagen and Newcastle University 2020-24. Mentor together with Katie Lloyd-Thomas, Newcastle University


Jannie Rosenberg Bendsen Kvinder i dansk arkitektur, Post-doc funded by Realdania, Denmark’s Independent Research Council, Danish Arts Foundation, National Building Fund, Dreyers Foundation, Boyes Foundation. Supervisor together with Henriette Steiner. 2020-2023.



PhD Assessment

2022 External respondent at PhD seminar (Go/no-go) at the TU Delft.


2022 Reviewer for PhD proposal in the research programme of the Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research (WIMEK) at Wageningen University.


2021 Chair of the assessment committee, Tonguyn Du, Societal Impacts of Urban Renewal, University of Copenhagen

2018 Main opponent mid-term seminar Elin Tanding Sørensen’s Phd project Den urbane fjæresonens opplevelseslandskap, The Norwegian University of Agricultural Sciences.

2017 Main opponent for Vibeke Sjøvoll's mid-term seminar Product design -playful experiments University of South Eastern Norway.

2016 Member of the assessment committee Alice Labadini's phd thesis Immaterial Landscapes Oslo School of Architecture (AHO).

2015 Member of the assessment committee of Nina Marie Andersen’s Phd Thesis Criticism and the work. A reflection of the conception of landscape architecture as aesthetic activity in the journal Havekunst, The Norwegian University of Agricultural Sciences.


PhD Courses developed and conducted

Landscape, Architecture and Gender. University of Copenhagen. Course convener with Henriette Steiner. 2022


Landscape, Architecture and Gender. University of Copenhagen. Course convener with Henriette Steiner. 2021


Landscape, Architecture and Gender. University of Copenhagen. Course convener with Henriette Steiner. 2020


Writing a wrap in humanities-and-design dissertations, 1-day seminar on paper-based thesis – what should they entail, how are they evaluated, what are the possibilities for tailoring such dissertation to your research, experiences etc. University of Copenhagen. Course Convener. 2019


New materialism. Course on theoretical approaches within new materialism with special focus on architecture and archaeology Royal Danish Academy School of Architecture, RUC, University of Copenhagen. Co-convener. 2017


Constructing Criticism. Course on experimental research methodologies in design research. Invited teachers: Laura Lieto, Federico II University Napels and Tom Avermaete, ETH Zürich, convener with Anne Tietjen and Henriette Steiner, University of Copenhagen, 2016


Academic writing, Course on writing methodologies, techniques and formulation of research questions. Invited teacher: Andrea Kahn from Columbia University. Course Convener, University of Copenhagen. 2014


Urban transformation and the need for new histories. Course on historiographical methodologies and marginalized heritage in historical research. Research school for Forest, Landscape and Nature (Refolana) University of Copenhagen. Course convener. 2012


Afhandlingsbooster, Course on creating a dissertation – formulating research questions, methods-section and conclusions, University of Copenhagen/Aarhus School of Architecture. Course convener with Ellen Braae. 2011





2022 Invited presentation at the special interest group on Women in Architecture, EAHN Conference, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

2022 Invited lecture TU Delft, Chair of Methods of Analysis and Imagination

2021 Invited lecture Zürich Horchschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften. Architektur, Gestaltung und Bauingenieurwesen. Institut Urban Landscape, at the scientific seminar The Art of Display – Ausstellungsentwürfe und Schaukonzepte von Architektinnen, Planerinnen und Designerinnen – Schweizer und Dänische Forschung im Dialog, Swiss National Science Foundation.

2021 Invited presentation Lousiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen Architecture Festival: ‘Women in Danish Architecture’

2021 Invited lecture at the University of Lisbon, Scientific conference Action! Architecture and Gender on Feminism and the spatialization of resistances, Lisbon 2021. Special session: research projects’, Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies ISCSP.


2021 Presentation at the European Network of Architecture History EAHN conference in Edinburgh, “Green wilderness and tensions of welfare”, with Kristen van Haaren


2019 Invited lecture Technical University Delft ‘Landscape Biographies as Research Strategy:  The Carlsberg breweries transformation’, Chair of Methods and Analysis, Faculty of Architecture


2019 Invited lecture ETH Zürich “Practicing welfare Landscapes”, Chair of History and Theory of Urban Design


2019 Invited lecture Royal Danish Academy School of Architecture “Carlsberg – urban development and the financial crisis”


2018 Invited lecture Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam “Biographies of welfare landscapes”, Re:Scape Colloquium, Faculty of the Humanities


2018 Invited presentation Technical University Delft “Welfare Landscapes – theories, methods and concepts”, Chair of Methods and analysis, Faculty of Architecture




2022 Chair of workshop in the international reserach network Where are the Women in Scandinavian Landscape Architecture?, University of Copenhagen /Danish Architecture Centre, together with Henriette Steiner.

2021 Chair of the interdisciplinary seminar Celebrating Women in Architecture, 8th March 2021 (500+ participants) Speakers from universities in Beirut, Manchester, Pennsylvania and Copenhagen. Chair together with Henriette Steiner.


2020 Chair of the interdisciplinary roundtable panel Gender and Design Education, Speakers from Stockholm University, ETH Zürich and the design studio Jordan. Chair together with Henriette Steiner. The roundtable was part of the phd-course Landscape, Architecture and Gender 2020, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, and open to the public.


2020 Session Chair Social Housing as an Emerging form of Heritage, Association for Critical Heritage Studies’ Conference in London, Chair together with Marie Glaser.


2019 Organizer and co-host scientific seminar on living heritage for researchers in the EU-HERA-Project Public Space in Social Housing, in collaboration with the Danish Association for Social Housing (BL) and the Danish Immigrant Museum.


2019-2020 Chairing 3-4 yearly interdisciplinary workshops and scientific seminars on Theories as head of the Working Group on Theories in the EU Cost Action Writing Urban Places. Chair together with Henriette Steiner.


2018 Session Chair Public Landscapes of the Post-war City, Association for Critical Heritage Studies’ Conference in Hangzhou, China, Chair together with Catharina Nolin.


2014-2019 Founding chair and organizer of the Öresund Design Research Seminars. The ÖDRS aimed to stimulate and empower research in the design of urban landscapes and to create the foundation for novel research approaches and perspectives and was based at The University of Copenhagen and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. ÖDRS brought together researchers at all stages of their professional life – from young to emeritus – presenting and discussing everything from early ideas to finished publications. The seminar also serves as a meeting point for international guest scholars and researchers based in the Öresund region. Together with prof. Lisa Diedrich, SLU Alnarp, I founded ÖDRS and organized 2-3 ÖDRS seminars each year. Full programme here

2015-2021 Chair of the international public lecture series Copenhagen Landscape Lectures, University of Copenhagen, Section of Landscape Architecture. The lecture series aims at stimulating cross-disciplinary and trans-national debates concerning how we shape physical environment, across cities and landscapes, education and practice. It brings together leading researchers and practitioners and contributes to a sharing intellectual environment, where IGN becomes a platform for encounters across students, practitioners and researchers. Each lecture was followed by an informal reception to promote encounters and connections between people. I chaired the CLL-series together with Rikke Munck Petersen, Anne Wagner and Natalie Gulsrud 2015-19. We organized 2-4 yearly public events at Uni Cph IGN in collaboration with various foundations, primarily Scandiafoundation and Erasmus +. See full programme here 




Since 2021 course responsible for the 7,5 point BSc course Landskabsarkitekturens Fortid, Nutid og Fremtid, together with Henriette Steiner and Richard Hare, University of Copenhagen, IGN. A new history course at the Bachelor education. First time 2021, run with highly positive student reports despite corona.


Since 2012 course responsible for the mandatory 15 ECTS MSc course Theories and Methods of Landscape Architecture, together with Ellen Braae. University of Copenhagen, IGN. Together with the team, I continuously adjust this course to connect it to our ongoing research projects and to involve pressing societal issues, such as the role of nature in cities, socially sustainable development of social housing and the future of public space in cities. We have developed the course year by year with valuable contributions by externally funded international experts, who have co-taught with me and with the team. These are prof. Catharina Nolin, Stockholm University (2019, Erasmus +), dr. Linde Egberts, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2019 Erasmus +), Prof. Tom Avermaete, TU Delft (2018, Velux visiting professor), dr. Andrea Kahn, Columbia University (2016 and 2015, Centre for Strategic Urban Research).


2003-2007 By, Hukommelse og Identitet Course at the master education of Art history at the Faculty of the Humanities, University of Copenhagen. Developed together with Anne Tietjen.  Interdisciplinary course with participants from Uni Cph Science, the IT University, The Royal Academy School of Architecture and more.


2001-2005 Rumanalyse, Course at the Bachelor education of Art history at the Faculty of the Humanities, University of Copenhagen. Developed together with Markus Bogisch.

Interdisciplinary course with foundations in architectural analysis, participants from Uni Cph Science, the IT University, The Royal Academy School of Architecture and more. Equal to half a year of full-time study.


Invited guest-teacher for workshops at Sheffield University, TU Delft, University of Jyväskylä, Oslo School of Architecture.





2022 Invited speaker at tanketræf workshop on the topic Climate Change and Coastal Cities, CONCITO Thinkthank.

2022 Guided tours in the Women in Architecture exhibition for the Danish Association of Landscape Architects (DL), Danish Association of Art Historians and more. 

2022 Podcast series (6 episodes) De Glemte Arkitekter, Realdania/Immersive Stories/Niels Bjørn, together with the team of the Women in Danish Architecture research project.

2022 Women in Architecure, co-curator of exhibition at the Danish Centre for Architecture, together with the team of the Women in  Danish Architecture research project.

2021 Caring for Plans. A seminar that investigated what the 'ghettoplan' does in the context of planning and architecture. Invited speakers from various housing areas that are affected by the 'ghettoplan' and exhibitions, including an exhibition by students in the master course Theories and Methods in Landscape Architecture. Co-organized together with residents at Lundtoftegade and Heidi Kajita Svenningsen, Meike Schalk, Helena Mattson, Jennifer Mack, Maryam Fanni. 


2020 Public tour and workshop on community spaces in Farum Midtpunkt social housing, in collaboration with the Copenhagen Architecture Festival, the Danish Association of Social Housing (BL) and the EU-HERA research project Public Space in Social Housing PuSH, in collaboration with Bettina Lamm.


Outreach and engagement with society important to my practice. I believe that academic work should be shared with various publics and with local communities. And I engage in mutual dialogues with stakeholders, communities and citizens because I think it enriches all of us and is an important part of reaching sustainable, just and resilient urban futures. I have been an active part of societal debates about just urban development, inclusive heritage and sustainable urbanism for two decades. This is a selection of my engagement with various media in the period 2019-2021: Newspapers, net-based written media: Politiken, Jyllandsposten, Weekendavisen, Politiken Byrum, Berlingske,,,,, Helsingør Dagblad,,, Grønt Miljø, Boligen,  Fagbladet boligen,, Viborg Stiftstidende, Arkitekten, Landskab, Grønt Miljø, Blog of the Royal Danish Academy School of Architecture, Space Korean architecture magazine and more. Radio, podcasts and film/tv: DR Orientering, Kulturen på P1, Dorthe Chakravarty’s Podcast on history, Copenhagen Architecture Festival CAF X’s podcast, TV2 Lorry, film Industrikulturen i Nordvest, Nordvest Lokalråd, Copenhagen


2019 Panelist at the grassroots urban initiative Folkemøde Sydhavn, invited expert on valuation of cultural and natural qualities at the margins of established evaluation systems. The context was the controversial plans to build new housing on the nature-protected landscape and former fisher-settlement Stejlepladsen.


2018 Panelist at the grassroots urban initiative Industrikulturen i Nordvest, Nordvest Lokalråd, Copenhagen Municipality, invited expert on potentials of using industrial heritage as a toll to create more inclusive, diverse and locally grounded modes of urban renewal.


2018 Expert evaluation, Official proposal to list Boesdal Kalkbrud og Pyramide as an industrial landscape and process-complex, Submitted to the Ministry of Culture by Udvalget for Nyere tids arkitektur, Landsforeningen for bygnings- og landskabskultur.


2017 Invited lecture at the General assembly of the Danish Association for Landscape Architects on C.Th. Sørensen and the canon.


2015 Public lecture on co-creation and living heritage, Bygningskulturens Hus, with some 50 attendees


2014   Curator, the exhibition Revisit 1960s-1970s Suburbia, displaying MA student projects at the University of Copenhagen. Publication of the students’ works as a catalogue.


2014 Chair at the yearly Høstdebat by the Danish Association for Landscape Architects on the topic: Kan man frede det, der gror? (Can you list that which is growing? On national heritage protection and landscape architecture).


2013-14 Frederiksværk Stålsatte Byrum Design competition by invitation for a heritage-based strategy for revitalizing an industrial town through encompassing urban space renewal, cultural planning, and citizen-driven strategic initiatives, pre-qualified and selected for the 2. Phase. Team: LIW Planning, Entasis Architects and 2-1 Ideas Agency. My role: site analysis, design critique, strategy for heritage definition and participatory strategic development and communication plan.


2013  Pilot project competition for transformation of derelict rural schools into cultural centres, Horbelev fra Skole til Kulturgård by the trust Lokale- og Anlægsfonden. Realized 2015. Team: Polyform. My role: site analysis, design critique, program analysis, dialogue workshops with users.


2012-13 Architecture competition by invitation Statens Museum for Kunst’s new entrance and garden, 1st price and realized in 2014, Team: Consultant for team Karres et Brands/Polyform. My role: historical site analysis, design critique, communication.


2012 Architecture competition by invitation, Kommunikationslinjen Urban space renewal Svendborg. Pre-qualified. Consultant for Effect/Masu Planning. My role: site analysis, design critique, communication.


2012 Curator, the exhibition Albertslunds Grønne Øhav, Albertslund city hall, a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen, Kroppedal Museum and Albertslund municipality..


2012 Architecture competition by invitation New Rock Museum, Roskilde, Musicon, 1st prize. Team: Cobe/MVRDV/LIW Planning. My role: communication consultant for LIW Planning.


 2010 Architecture competition by invitation for the strategic development of Køge Southern Harbor and Town Centre, Pre-qualified and selected for the 2nd Phase.Team: Gromtij, Polyform, 2+1, Ekstrakt. My role: user involvement.


2007  Public meetings and vision plan for the strategic development of Køge Southern Harbor and Town Centre. My role: consulting the process in which various stakeholders, municipal departments etc. together formulated a vision, which I helped writing together with Karen Margrethe Krogh (Ekstrakt). Commissioner: The city of Køge


2006 Densification of Greve’s single-family housing areas, user involvement strategy and vision plan in collaboration with planners, politicians and local residents. My role: workshops and dialogue platforms, producing scenarios in collaboration with Barbara Wandall and Karen Margrethe Krogh (Ekstrakt). Commissioner: The City of Greve


2006 Architecture competition by invitation Superkilen urban space design, Pre-qualified. Team: Spektrum. My role: site analysis, user involvement strategy, programming, participation in concept development, communication, together with Karen M. Krogh and Barbara Wandall (Ekstrakt).


2006    User involvement strategy for the urban square revitalization of Toftegårds Plads, Copenhagen. My role: Conceptualizing and carrying out the targeted user involvement workshops with various user groups in collaboration with Barbara Wandall (Ekstrakt). Commissioner: The City of Copenhagen.


2005-2006   Curator, the solo-exhibition Wunderstadt (SLA landscape architecture, urban space and planning), Galerie Aedes Berlin.


2005   Open architecture competition Park am Gleisdreieck, Berlin. Pre-qualified and selected for the 2nd Phase. Team: SLA. My role: site analysis, design critique, programming, workshops with users.


2005   Architecture Competition by invitation Valby Idrætspark, 1st prize. Team: SLA. My role: programming, design critique participation in concept development, communication.


2004   Architecture Competition Mølleparken Århus, recommended by the professional jurors. Team SLA. My role: site-analysis, preservation strategy, co- developing concept, communication.


2003   Open architecture competition Alexanderplatz open space renewal. Team: SLA. My role: site-analysis, design critique, text.


2002   Open architecture Competition Die Sünderstaffel, Stuttgart – Friedhof der Zukunft. Design team together with Stine Poulsen and Anne Tietjen. Selected in the 2nd round (Engere Auswahl) My role: site-analysis, programming, participation in concept development, text. 

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