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Li Liu

Li Liu

Associate Professor

Li Liu is a landscape architect (Cand hort.arch. 2002) from Danish Royal Veterinarian and Agricultural University), PhD (2008) from University of Copenhagen. She was also educated as a landscape architect and hold Master degree from Beijing Forestry University. Her current research focuses on how sustainable city (or eco-city) especially sustainable urban water management can be achieved by urban green infrastructure and urban design approach, where closed urban water cycle, landscape-based stormwater management, and innovative green solutions are among the key measures. With a global interest, she researches on green solutions and approaches in planning and practice from international cities, especially Danish and Chinese cities. She is a co-teacher in the Master level course Urban Ecosystems: Structures, Functions and Design (LNAK10028U) and the Master level course Urban Water Management (within Water and Environment master program at Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research). She is project manager for the Danida funded research project Water Resilient Green City in Africa ( in 2013-2017. She is also actively involved in international (especially Denmark-China) networks in green cities and urban water management. Earlier, when she was a PhD researcher and later a consultant, she has done researches and practices on green structure planning, landscape design and landscape-based stormwater management.

ID: 44360174