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Lotte Fjendbo Møller Francis

Lotte Fjendbo Møller Francis

PhD Student

Lotte Fjendbo Møller is a PhD Fellow in Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning and is part of the research group Landscape Technology. Lotte graduated as Landscape Architect (cand.hort.arch) in 2007 at the former Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark (today: Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen). Lotte has worked as landscape architect in private companies and as project manager in the City of Copenhagen.

The topic of Lottes PhD project is green roofs. The project explores the potential of green roofs in relation to climate change adaptation and sustainable urban planning in general.

Marina Bergen Jensen is principal supervisor on the PhD project and Cecil Cornelis Konijnendijk van den Bosch is co-supervisor.

ID: 40812512