Anne Tietjen

Anne Tietjen

Associate Professor

Anne Tietjen (born 1969) is an architect, PhD and associate professor in landscape architecture and urban design. She teaches an advanced design studio in transformation and theories of urban design in the master programme landscape architecture. Her research focuses on the intersection of landscape architecture, urban design, urban planning and heritage studies. She specialises in the transformation, preservation and development of existing built environments and landscapes. Questions on how to evaluate, communicate, and activate the specific qualities and resources of a given place through design are central to her work. Her research draws on and contributes to a growing body of relational design theory and method, specifically based on new materialism and actor-network theory. Key words are strategic planning and design, new heritage and research by design.

She is a sub-project leader in the research project Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes about the future of the open spaces of Danish postwar social housing estates (read more here).

She also contributes to the international project Demosspace on democratic public space together with Norwegian, Swedish and British colleagues (read more here).

A project on the development of place-based potential as a new approach to strategic planning in peripheral rural areas in Denmark will be concluded in 2017. Besides her academic work, she works as an urban design and planning consultant.

ID: 37391030