Anders Busse Nielsen

Anders Busse Nielsen


Anders Busse Nielsen’ work combines urban ecology/biodiversity, Forestry and landscape Architecture. He has specialized in Design and management of urban vegetation with a focus on ‘dynamic vegetation designs’ where natural processes are integrated as active ‘co-design’. His research draws on and contributes to the applied as well as theoretical knowledge-base for development of multifunctional urban vegetation and urban green infrastructure as strategies for achieving livable urban environments and climate adaptation of cities.

Born: May 12, 1976

Lilleøvej 66
8600 Silkeborg
Tlf.: +35 32 00 37
Mobile: +45 51 33 06 92

Hobbies:Cooking, running and bicycling, gardening, photography, travelling, enjoying nature, hiking, drawing
Language skillsDanish (mother tongue); English (Excellent in speaking and writing), Swedish (Excellent in speaking and good in writing); German (Good in speaking and basic writing)

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