Rikke Munck Petersen

Rikke Munck Petersen

Associate Professor

Rikke is trained as an architect and landscape architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design and conservation (KADK), where she also received her PhD. 

Research and practice

She researches methodologies addressing the body´s sensorium, the role of experience and sensation, and a more dynamic, sequential, transient and aesthetic spatial approach towards landscape transformation and an extended sensory awareness in relation to design and planning processes.

At UCPH-IGH, she has pioneered in the field of sensory analysis, conception, media mediations, especially film, and its co-creating role in place-based design and planning. Her current main research focus is multi-sensory large-scale analysis and design and the embedded performativity capacity of drone filming to stir a sensory and affectivity reoriented planning practice in order to qualify the hybrid of natural and human-made landscapes.

For the last fifteen years, Rikke has developed and integrated her practice and knowledge on landscape transformations, cuktural heritage, design, planning, participatory processes, large-scale analysis and media mediations  through different research, teaching and practice collaborations. Besides research and teaching she has since 2003 had her own studio and worked as a planner before her position as PhD Fellow. Her PhD thesis 'Landscapetransformations' received the ICAR CORA Prize 2011, and also her studio mupLA has won prices for projects in multiple scales. She collaborates with architecture offices, artists, municipalities and holds/has had several trusts.

Rikke is member of the IGN Study Board, part of the research groups 'Landscape Architecture and Urbanism' and 'Spatial Change and Planning' and in thd organizing group for the Copenhagen Landscape Lectures series.


'The dispatched drone and affective distance in fieldwork' is October 28th 2020 published in The Senses and Society, Volume 15, Issue 3: https://doi.org/10.1080/17458927.2020.1820188

'Picturing Thickness: The Creative Process of Imaging Sequencing', co-authored with Kristen van Haeren, is February 5th 2020 published on-line in Architecture and Culture: https://doi.org/10.1080/20507828.2019.1675951

The book chapter 'Resonance and Transcendence of a Bodily Presence: How a filmic mapping of non-visual, aural and bodily relations in space can strengthen the sensory dimension in landscape architectural design' co-authored with Mads Farsø is October 2019 published in I. Troiani & H Campbell (red), Architecture filmmaking by Intellect Ltd., Bristol: https://www.intellectbooks.com/architecture-filmmaking 


Rikke is research partner in the the Danish Research Council DFF/FKK funded project 'Drone Imaginaries and Communities. Understanding Drones through Aesthetics' (2020-2024), which started up September 2020. See more herewww.sdu.dk/diacs 


Rikke is project leader of the project 'Drone Aesthetic Experience and Co-creation - a preproject' funded by The Danish Art Foundation. It explores the multisensorial and experiential capacities imbedded in drone filming needed in the work with larger landscape transformations regarding climate adaptation and its affects. Starts in 2020: See Art Foundation funding here: tildelinger



Rikke has been teaching in Architectural schools since 2000. From 2012 at UCPH-IGN she has as course responsible initiated, planned and conducted design studio teaching at bachelor and master level and supervised bachelor, master thesis students and PhD-students. She is engaged as co-teacher in currently in the master course Theory & Methods in Landscape Architecture . Her current courses as course responsible are:


BSc Practice and Aesthetics in Landscape Architecture – Studio (HVÆS), 15 ECTS


HVÆS explores the interchange between body and horizon physically in space, abstract in theories and projective in mediation of media (drawings, models, photography and film). Aware work with such co-creation extends students sensory and aesthetic experience and cognition as basic practice in the profession. Students provide competences to develop individually and gain tools, skills and knowledge of aesthetics and a performative phenomenological design thinking and making, linked to current planning and design challenges.


MSc Landscape Film – Studio, 7,5 ECTS


Landscape Film - Studio is a design studio exploring new media, especially film, approach and language of design, and an extended aware ability to work explorative with media mediations. Students develop an individual design intervention focusing specifically on the film mediums embedded sensory performativity in design processes. The final course projects have to contain output in the different media and a site-specific proposal in film in order to stir new performative aesthetics.

See teaching/course publications here: https://issuu.com/rikkemunckpetersen/stacks or under publication


Supervision of doctoral students: 

Hongxia Pu – Project title:

The Emerging Horizontality of Desakota Urbanity In Hilly Regions in Southwest China (2020-)

Kristen Danielle van Haeren – Project title:

Thickness of the Green – Another way of telling two Danish welfare landscapes (completed, 2020)

Elisabeth Umbanhowar 

visiting guest PhD fellow from Univeristy of Washington. Elisabeth  research forcus is film, landscape architecture and public spaces (mentor spring 2020)

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