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Lærke Sophie Keil

Lærke Sophie Keil

PhD fellow

As a trained landscape architect from the University of Copenhagen, I am experienced in analysing and designing open spaces. With a specialisation in developing urban spaces in post-WWII neighbourhoods, I have continued into the field of research as part of a large research project titled “Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes”. The project aims to develop a methodology to assess and understand the landscapes in and around social housing in Denmark. My PhD project focuses on the lived space and the relationships between people and their physical surroundings, use and users of the housing landscapes. I am currently investigating the mediation of private space and the common social space over time, through demographic analyses, drawings and archive scrutinizing, looking in to past, present and future, in order to substantiate the little knowledge we have on the capacities and challenges of these large welfare landscapes.

ID: 164500115