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Nané Køllgaard Pedersen

Nané Køllgaard Pedersen

PhD Student

Nané Køllgaard Pedersen is a PhD student and working on developing of close-to-nature afforestation methods. The PhD project builds on knowledge within the research fields of landscape and vegetation ecology, forestry practices and landscape architecture. The project investigates how to use the natural succession process from agrare fields to mature forest, while creating nature and experiential values in the young forest.

Nané Køllgaard Pedersen holds a master in landscape architecture specializing in urban woodlands and forest edges in Elmelund forest in Odense.

Together with professor Anders Busse Nielsen, Nané is the University of Copenhagen's advisors at the City of Copenhagen's new urban forest, as well as former adviser and project manager of 35 hectares of urban woodland in Ishøj municipality.

ID: 152102542