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Hanne Wiemann Nielsen

Hanne Wiemann Nielsen

PhD Student

Hanne Wiemann Nielsen is an architect and PhD student. With the dense, sustainable city as a focal point, she works on concluding her Ph.D thesis with the working title 'Big Cities - Quiet Places'. The dissertation is the further development of a pilot project inspired by many years of work in practice as an architect and urban planner working in Denmark and the Netherlands. The project has an interdisciplinary focus and character of applied research, based on a number of empirical case studies in Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The studies contribute to the methodological development within the field of architecture and urban planning and include qualitative and quantitative analyzes of 4 selected places in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, offering new insights about the relationship between spatial structure, urbanism and anchoring, as well as aesthetic and intangible qualities. Central to the project is the question of how the individual's need for silence and balance can be accommodated in a rapidly growing urbanized world.

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