Heidi Svenningsen Kajita

Heidi Svenningsen Kajita

Assistant Professor

I am assistant professor at the Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning. My research deals with how architecture and planning can (re)produce social processes focusing on the history and transformation of welfare state large-scale housing. I draw on emerging ethnographic-architectural methodology to combine knowledge of users’ everyday practices; normative frameworks for the built environment and architects' drawn and written work.

* In my current project (Im) possible Instructions: Inscribing use-value in the architectural design process, I activate archival research and ethnographic fieldwork strategies to develop caring techniques for new (speculative) practices (DFF/ Independent Research Fund Denmark GRANT_NUMBER: 9032-00006B - IPD).

* In my current project Klager i praksis [Practicing Complaints], I question how architectural disciplines can make better use of social housing residents' sincere complaint and care labour. This creative practice-based research is funded by Statens Kunstfond and Dreyers Fond. Consultants: Søren-Emil Schütt and Mikkel Trier Rygård.

I am visiting fellow at Newcastle University (2019-23); member of two NOS-HS networks on welfare state architecture and landscapes and the network Where are the Women in Scandinavian Landscape Architecture?; and member of the Society of Artists, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Further, I am active in Action Archive – a group of researchers and artists using collaborative methods and formats, such as witness seminars and exhibitions, to publicly bring together diverse actors around urban cultural, historical, and political issues. 

I have taught architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism and art at universities in Denmark, Sweden and the UK since 2001.

For more info see personal website: www.bureaus.dk

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