Leadership Team

The leadership team of the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management comprises the head of department, the deputy heads of department, the department administrator and the heads of sections.

Leadership Team

Claus Beier

Head of Department
Claus Beier

Tel.: +45 35334233
Mobile: +45 93565244
E-mail: cbe@ign.ku.dk

Thomas Friborg Deputy Head of Department for Research 

Thomas Friborg

Tel.: +45 35 32 25 74
Mobile: +45 61 30 25 74
Mail: tfj@ign.ku.dk

Responsible for general research management in relation to classical university research.

Lone Søderkvist Kristensen

Deputy Head of Department for Research 
Lone Søderkvist Kristensen

Tel.: +45 35 33 18 31
Mail: lokr @ ign.ku.dk

Responsible for Public consultancy, Business and Innovation

Lars Krogh

Deputy Head of Department for Teaching
Lars Krogh

Tel.: +45 35322524
E-mail: lk@ign.ku.dk

Responsible for quality and administration.

 Deputy Head of Department for Teaching
Tod Waight

Tel.: +45 35 32 24 82
E-mail: todw@ign.ku.dk

Responsible for Strategy, Development and Policy.

Steen Georg Brandt

Head of Administration
Steen Georg Brandt

Telefon: +45 287-50221
E-mail: sgb@ign.ku.dk

Heads of Section

Ole Mertz

Head of Section for Geography
Ole Mertz

Tel.: +45 3532-2529
E-mail: om@ign.ku.dk

Karsten Høgh Jensen Head of Section for Geology
Karsten Høgh Jensen

Tel.: +45 35322484

Mobile: +45 28752484
E-mail: khj@ign.ku.dk

Henrik Vejre Head of Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning
Henrik Vejre

Tel.: +45 35331819
E-mail: hv@ign.ku.dk
Vivian Kvist Johannsen Head of Section for Forest, Nature and Biomass
Vivian Kvist Johannsen

Tel.: +45 35331699
Mobile: +45 20300969
E-mail: vkj@ign.ku.dk
Head of Section for Forest and Landscape College 
Thomas Færgeman

Tel: 35328188
Mobil: 31653100
E-mail: thf@ign.ku.dk