2 May 2013

The Carl-Hermann Medal for Emil Makovicky

Professor Emil Makovicky

from Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management has received The Carl-Hermann Medal which is awarded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallogra-phie. Professor Makovicky receives the medal in recognition for his internationally recognized sci-entific contribution to structure and crystal chemistry of sulfosalts, crystallography of modular-built materials and the symmetrology of Islamic ornaments.

Emil Makovicky was born in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1940. He graduated from Comenius University of Bratislava in 1962 and was at once employed as lecturer at the same university. In 1972 Emil Mackovicky was appointed Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen and in 1995 he was appointed full Professor. Early in his career Professor Makovicky spent three years at McGill University in Montreal and ever since he has maintained strong relations to North America. He has been a frequent contributor to The Canadian Mineralogist and the journal published a special is-sue as a tribute to Professor Emil Makovicky in April 2012 when he celebrated his 50th anniversary as a scientist – look at www.canmin.org.