4 September 2013

Become wild about nature on Nature Day at the Forest & Landscape College in Nødebo


On Sunday 8 September, open day events are being hosted in the countryside across Denmark – also at the Forest & Landscape College. Here, you and your family are invited to lots of "wild" outdoor activities and nature experiences.

Nature Day at Skovskolen in NødeboFeel the rush of the wind in the treetops, embrace the challenge of the nature obstacle course or study life in the forest up close. These are some of the outdoor experiences on offer, with lots of opportunities on Sunday 8 September to become wild about nature. It is Nature Day in Denmark, with this year’s theme being “Wild about nature”. Nature Day is the Danish Outdoor Council (Friluftsrådet) and the Danish Society for Nature’s (Danmarks Naturfredningsforening) day for celebrating nature and outdoor life in Denmark. The “wild about nature” theme puts the spotlight on wild activities in nature, on what’s wild in nature, on being wild about nature and on “the beautiful view or hugely exciting natural phenomenon”. Nature offers a staggering number of opportunities, either in the woods or forest, beside the sea or in your back garden, and the two organisations hope that more Danes will recognise this fact on Nature Day.

Become wild about nature at the Forest & Landscape College in Nødebo

At 10-15 on Nature Day, the Danish Nature Agency in northern Zealand and the Forest & Landscape College – and in collaboration with the local sections of the Danish Outdoor Council and the Danish Society for Nature as well as volunteers, associations and organisations – are issuing an open invitation to the Forest & Landscape College in Nødebo, where everyone is welcome to experience the wild and wonderful outdoors. Visitors will be able to climb to the tops of masts, trees and up onto platforms, go kayaking or canoeing on Lake Esrum, test their skills on the brand new forest parkour facility, take part in games and physical exercise in the great outdoors, go horse riding and watch hunting displays, eat wild food, learn about wild animals and conservation and efforts to introduce more flowers to the Danish countryside, hear about bees, flowers and apples for making apple juice and much much more.

“I am delighted that, thanks to our good partners and forest-users, it has been possible to put together such a big event,” says Jens Bjerregaard Christensen, a forest supervisor with the Danish Nature Agency in northern Zealand who works closely with the Forest & Landscape College in Nødebo on many activities – from events for the public to educating the college’s students. Together with the Danish Minister of the Environment, Ida Auken, and Director of the Forest & Landscape College Anders Bülow, Jens Bjerregaard Christensen will open one of the biggest Nature Day events in the country, when the Forest & Landscape College is also celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Schools and institutions also celebrating Nature Day

On top of welcoming children and their families to Nature Day, the Danish Society for Nature and the Danish Outdoor Council are also organising nature days for schools and institutions. This is happening on 2-6 September, when teachers and social educators let their children loose for one or more days of learning, teaching and play outdoors. This year, 103,000 children are registered for Nature Day via their school or institution.  

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