Outreach and Publications

We create, document and communicate knowledge within the fields of Geology, Geography, Forest, Nature, Biomass, Landscape Archiceture and Planning. Here you can gain access to some of our publications, software etc.

Find the researchers' publications

The researchers communicate their results through many channels. On University of Copenhagen's research portal you can search for individual researchers and see what they have published. You can also find your particular field of interest on the sites about research at IGN.

Academic reports and publications

The Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management publishes a number of reports and publications each year. The reports present research results or evaluate projects.

Conferences and seminars

IGN regularly holds conferences within our research areas, both international conferences and seminars as well as seminars and conferences in Danish.


You can download free software developed by IGN.

Visit the Arboreta

As a part of education, consultancy, and research, IGN preserves three arboreta, two in Hørsholm, Denmark and one in Greenland. You can visit the arboreta.