Conference: Managing Forests to Promote Environmental Services – University of Copenhagen

Managing Forests to Promote Environmental Services:

Climate change adaptation and mitigation, water protection, biodiversity conservation, and soil quality maintenance

The conference was held in Copenhagen, Denmark 3-5 November 2015, it was arranged by the Centre of Advanced Research on Environmental Services from Nordic Forest Ecosystems (CAR-ES II)

Group photo from the conference

The participants in the conference

Carbon sequestration, water protection and biodiversity are key environmental services provided by the Nordic and Baltic forests, and each of them are linked to soil properties and quality. Various types of forest management have different effects on these services, and knowledge on how the forest management can help maintain and enhance them is crucial to sound decision making in the forest sector and in policy development.

The overall aim of the conference is to increase focus on the interaction between the forest management and the forest’s environmental services (ES), to present the state-of-the-art and identify knowledge gaps by

  1. having key note presentations linking forest management and ES in a broader perspective
  2. providing an overview of 10 years of CAR-ES integrated research on carbon sequestration, water protection, biodiversity, and soil quality in the Nordic – Baltic region, and
  3. presenting results and ongoing forest research on the interaction between forest management and ES and how forest management can adapt to expected climate changes in the future. Based on these inputs, future challenges will be identified to suggest foci of future forest research.

Detailed programme

The conference is arranged by the Centre of Advanced Research on Environmental Services from Nordic Forest Ecosystems, CAR-ES, funded by Nordic Forest Research (SNS) 2011-2015. This is an open network that brings together Nordic and Baltic forest researchers in order to provide scientific knowledge on the impacts of forest management on major environmental services for decision making within the forestry sector and for policy development.