Geodesign Conference in Copenhagen – University of Copenhagen

Geodesign Conference in Copenhagen

This conference has been held

On November 11th the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management hosted a Geodesign Conference.

Geodesign conferenceGeodesign is a new way of framing an idea of collaboration between landscape architects, urban planners, geographers, engineers, biologists, foresters, hydrologists, and planners. The geosciences and design professions have traditionally been kept apart from each other even though they are both of spatial domains. Geodesign is a way to merge the two and bring geographic data to support and influence design decisions, which change the way to approach decision making.

With the recent and ongoing development of GIS towards also facilitating design tools like CAD and Adobe Suit, and the continuous emergence of geospatial data and new sensors, the ideas surrounding Geodesign have been formalized as technology has reached the stage where it is possible to carry out design in a digital geographic space involving the analytical virtues of GIS. Thereby, design proposals can be evaluated iteratively as a part of the planning process.

Geodesign is a framework to promote integration, create synergy and cross-disciplinary collaboration between individuals and groups acting within public organizations, NGO’s and companies. It addresses the description of the flows of ideas and how the communication between partners and stakeholders takes place.

At the conference five international experts of the practice, research and teaching of Geodesign shared their views. Including:

  • What is Geodesign? Historical development, state of the art, and definition.
  • How can design and planning of our cities and landscapes be based on Geodesign?
  • What are the most recent technological advances?
  • How can classic, design oriented proposal-making, research, and teaching be transformed to incorporate geo-technology and geo-data to a higher and more efficient extent?
  • What are the futures of Geodesign?