Instant Urbanism

Temporal Art and Architecture in Urban Environments

Research seminar, April 16, 2013

The theme of the »temporary« in architecture, planning and urban transformation has received great attention the last years. Despite a broad general interest for »instant urbanism« the field still lacks cultural, historic and academic reflection in relation to art, architecture, urban sociology and urban theory. Therefore there is taken an initiative to establish a research network around the topic of temporal art and architecture in urban environments with an emphasis on clarifying its theoretical basis and implications. The seminar in Copenhagen will orbit three core optics concerning planning, architecture and event in relation to instant urbanism. The goal was to discuss and identify key research questions and to introduce a »call for papers« for an academic conference at Aalborg University spring 2014.

Temporary uses as strategic tool for urban transformation

Developers use to a greater extent cultural activities and temporary intervention in the transformation of urban areas. What can the short-term efforts contribute in relation to long-term planning and how can these tools?

Aestetics of temporary architecture - building the city in 1:1

What aesthetics and practices in the creation of works in the public sphere is possible when designing in 1:1? How does these bottom-up approaches influence and relate to traditional methods of architectural design and production?

Event culture, activist strategies and urban narratives

The interim projects can constitute a social medium for involvement and dialogue with public space and life. How can they influence urban areas, how can they be understood in a larger cultural realm and what happens to place when the event culture goes home?