Urban Open Spaces - Quality Provision & Assessment

Urban open spaces, including parks and other green areas, make important contributions to our cities and towns. But providing sufficient open space that functions well and meets people’s expectations is not easy, especially not in economically challenging times. Less is more is one of the mantras in both the public and private sector. There is also increasing focus on ‘quality’ open space, loosely defined as open space that meets the demands of many, while also being resilient.


This one-day international symposium discussed the concept of ‘quality’ from many different sides, zooming in on quality in a context of public space, public service delivery, and urban green spaces in particular. The symposium was held in connection with the Nordic Green Space Award development project (www.greenspaceaward.com) which aims to elaborate a quality assessment scheme for parks and other green spaces in Nordic cities.

Questions discussed during the event include: What is ‘quality’ in urban open space provision? How can quality be assessed and compared? What can be done to promote quality in open space provision?

Presentations at Urban Open Spaces - Quality Provision & Assessment

Towards criteria for the Nordic Green Space Award
Cecil Konijnendijk, Professor, University of Copenhagen

Introducing the Nordic Green Space Award project
Christian Lindholst, University of Copenhagen

Quality in public service provision - a critical perspective 
Peter Dahler-Larsen, Professor, University of Southern Denmark

Working with quality in urban spaces: Bergen
Rune Hejsedal

Auality in design and management of urban open Spaces
Prof. Dr. Simon Bell, Prof. Dr. University of Life Sciences, Edinburgh College of Art

Working with quality in urban green spaces at FSS and in Malmö
Sten Göransson

'A bit more of Heinz' 
Stig L. Andersson