Recent project activities

  • The second Advisory Committee meeting of the project was held on the 23rd of November 2020. Here the project progress was presented and the activities for the next year discussed.
  • A system and actor analysis involving mapping of key stakeholders has been completed in both cities looking into the roles and responsibilities of different actors in the WSD space. A scientific paper is currently submitted ‘Scoping the prevailing conditions for acceleration towards water resilient futures in Cape Town and Johannesburg’.
  • An online survey has taken place – sent to approximately 200 practitioners, officials, consultants and experts in the field of water management in Johannesburg, to get an insight into how the new stormwater manual works and what the main challenges are in moving towards water resilience in Johannesburg.
  • Local engagement sessions has been on-going in the case site in Cape Town – the School site. Unfortunately the Covid lockdown has put a stop to this. In 2021 they will start again.
  • A permanent test site for monitoring of stormwater runoff quality is to be established at the University of Cape Town. The facility will comprise a large (7m x 7m x 2m) tank, divided into three separate cells each filled with soil media to a specified depth to create bioretention cells (that will mimic conditions at the retrofitted detention ponds). Construction of the test facility is expected to commence early 2021.