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The AFFOREST project investigated the impact of afforestation of former agricultural lands in north-western Europe on relevant environmental issues such as water recharge, leaching of nitrate, and carbon sequestration.

Our main goals have been:

  • to quantify the long-time influence of afforestation on nitrogen leaching, groundwater recharge, and carbon sequestration performing measurements in a series of chronosequence studies
  • to elaborate guidelines for the best possible afforestation of former agricultural lands to account for the environmental impact categories as mentioned
  • to guide and assist decision makers and foresters in their planning and design of new forests

The project ended in 2004. Important deliverables of the AFFOREST project are guidelines for afforestation and a spatial Decision Support System (AFFOREST-sDSS) to provide e.g., foresters, land use planners and policy makers with insight regarding the options and consequences of afforestation of the agricultural lands in their country.

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