International Provenance Trials of Gmelina arborea Linn. Roxb.

Gmelina flowers

In the mid-seventies a joint effort between 20 countries established more than 60 Gmelina arborea provenance trials, mainly outside the natural distribution areas of Gmelina.

The website is a compilation of published articles, results and assessments from 27 of these trials. It is meant to be of help for selection of provenance(s) to use when making plantations of Gmelina arborea.

Results as presented by Danida Forest Seed Centre 2002:

The project started 31-07-1975 and was closed 31-12-1995.

How to select provenance(s)

  1. In the summary article mentioned above, tentatively select one or more provenance regions based on the general recommendations according to good performance for one or more characteristics, which you consider to be important for your purpose.
  2. Next, in table 1 in the same article have a closer look on the performance of provenances within the selected regions. Select tentatively one or more promising provenances. Do, however also check other regions for any good provenance(s).
  3. Finally, in the – tables and graphs - presented in the spreadsheets as above examine the performance of the selected provenances in all the trials where they are represented - for the wanted characteristics. Based on this examination make the final choice. Select preferably provenances, which have been tested in more than one trial and whose performance is not too erratic.


Danida - The Danish International Development Assistance.

Project leader: Erik Dahl Kjær, Forest & Landscape.
Project members: E.B. Lauridsen, Danida Forest Seed Centre.