Projects – University of Copenhagen

Selected current research projects

  • Sentinel Plant Network (EUPHRESCO) (HPR, IMT)
  • Biology and management of Cryphalus abietis, and the relationship to pathogens Neonectria and Heterobasidion. Promilleafgiftsfonden, 0,5 mio + 0,44 mio (HPR, IMT, MJJ)
  • Raman microscopy of wood under decay – learning wood protection from trees. VILLUM FONDEN, 5.2 mio DKK), with ETH (Switzerland) and TUM (Germany) (LGT)
  • Anoplophora species, A. chinensis and A. glabripennis (HPR)
  • Biodiversity in Danish forest (VKJ)
  • Acclimation of tree species to elevated autumn temperatures (WH, JBL, JKH, ARE) 1.6 mio. GB Hartmann Fonden
  • Bark ecology 0,5 mio GB Hartmann fonden(HALA, HNR, TNL)
  • Bio-control of silver fir wolly aphid Dreyfusia nordmanniana by means of Leucopis hennigrata. 1 mio. MUDP (HPR)
  • Efficacy of alternative control methods against Hylobius abietis – in a silvicultural context. 1 mio Ellab fonden (HPR)

Recently finalised projects

  • Pest problems in cacao-production in  Ghana  in relation to climate changes (4 mio.) (HPR, ARE)
  • Tree ring research - tree stress and xylem plasticity (with TREGEN and BIOMAS) (LGT)
  • Climate Responses in Growth and Wood Anatomy of Important Forest Tree Species in Denmark (WWH)
  • Health problems in Quercus robur, with partners Bregentved, Svenstrup, Giesegaard, Vemmetofte, ICA). In this study, the recently observed decline and die-back in mature oak stands was linked to rising and greatly fluctuating water table, resulting from a sequence of wet seasons that cause damage to the root systems. Pest and diseases that were monitored were judged to be a secondary problem. See report (in Danish, but with english abstract).