Decentralized tree seed supply in Southeast Sulawesi

Knowledge dissemination of decentralized tree seed supply - the development of a model and testing in practice, 2014-15.

The IGN Research group on Tropical Trees and Landscapes (before Danida Forest Seed Centre) has for many years and in collaboration with the Danish Arboretum and the Danish Tree Improvement Station worked for the dissemination of knowledge about the use of quality seeds and good planting material for tree planting activities in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Quality seeds and good seedlings

The work done has focused on all aspects on how best to ensure the supply of quality seeds and good seedlings for tree planting in the tropics of direct benefit to foresters and farmers who plant and grow trees as part of their livelihood. Especially the last part - to reach the many farmers who grow trees - has proven to be a great challenge.

Development of specific models and testing of these in practice is necessary for making sound and relevant information about decentralized tree seed supply models available to farmers in Asia and Africa.

Test in Southeast Sulawesi

The project conducts a test in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, which is one of the places where the Research Group on ‘tropical Trees and Landscapes' has earlier worked.

Three of our previous collaborators World Agroforestry Centre (WAC ) and Operation Wallacea Trust (OWT) – an Indonesian NGO - and the Regional Forest Seed Centre (SC) in Makassar are implementing a regional development project aiming at raising the living standards of poor farmers through improved and sustained establishment and the use of agroforestry and forest. The project has a large tree planting component and will therefore give good opportunities to test a decentralized approach for ensuring the supply of quality tree seed.

Project targets

The project consists of a series of targets, which together will make it possible to provide information about how, in practice, to establish decentralized tree seed supply systems for farmers in Asia and Africa:

  1. Compile knowledge of decentralized tree seed supply models .
  2. Develop specific model for Southeast Sulawesi.
  3. Produce/compile teaching materials on decentralized tree seed supply.
  4. Implement 2-3 courses on aspects of decentralized tree seed supply.
  5. Establishment of a decentralized tree seed supply system in Southeast Sulawesi.
  6. Prepare a description of how, in practice, to establish decentralized tree seed supply systems.


The project is supported by the Hartmann Foundation with 1.1 million DKK and implemented by the IGN Research Group on Tropical Trees and Landscapes during 2014 and 2015.