Ylva Sjöberg

Ylva Sjöberg

Associate Professor


My research focuses on hydrology in arctic permafrost environments, leveraging on both field-based and modeling techniques. My ongoing projects target surface-groundwater exchanges in periglacial landscapes, climate change impacts on hydrology in the boreal-arctic transition zone, permafrost dynamics in peatlands, and catchment-scale hydrology and transport in continuous permafrost environments.

I'm (co-)supervising three PhD projects: 

  • Mikkel Toft Hornum (University of Copenhagen), "Numerical modelling of periglacial hydrology" (Supervisor)
  • Alexa Hinzman (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) “Permafrost thaw and Arctic rivers” (Co-supervisor)
  • Sebastian Zastruzny (University of Copenhagen) "Quantifying the release of nutrients from changing permafrost" (Co-supervisor)


ID: 213997590