Transformation of Cities and Landscapes - Geoinformatics

The Research group has a strong profile in human geography.

We focus on understanding processes and drivers of the location and distribution of human activity, the role of uneven geographical development and its implications and consequences for particular geographies, and the application of geoinformatics.

Transformation of Cities and Landscapes - Geoinformatics

The majority of economic, political and social activity is today formed by urbanisation and an increasing number of people are living and working in city-regions – including peri-urban settings.

At the same time, many cities and peripheral regions are struggling with job losses, industrial restructuring and depopulation, and thus, many countries face new forms of spatially economic and social inequalities. Concurrently, land use impacts and ecosystem services are governed by a complex interplay of institutional and economic forces operating from local to global levels. This includes impacts from and effects on spatial planning and governance regimes.















Name Title Phone E-mail
Anne Gravsholt Busck Associate professor +45 353-22564 E-mail
Aske Egsgaard-Pedersen Enrolled PhD Student +45 353-35709 E-mail
Bjarne Fog Database manager +45 353-22539 E-mail
Christine Benna Skytt-Larsen +45 353-25846 E-mail
Deissy Martinez Baron PhD student   E-mail
Høgni Kalsø Hansen Associate professor +45 353-22565 E-mail
Jingyu Zhang PhD student   E-mail
Lars Winther Professor +45 353-22554 E-mail
Lasse Møller-Jensen Professor +45 353-22566 E-mail
Søren Bech Pilgaard Kristensen Associate professor +45 353-22523 E-mail

Head of Research Group

Lars WintherLars Winther

Phone: +45 353-22554


The research group teaches at the specialisation at the Master programme in Geography and Geoinformatics.

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