Aske Egsgaard-Pedersen

Aske Egsgaard-Pedersen

Enrolled PhD student

In my PhD-project, with the working title Moving in the city: urbanisation, mobility and residential choice in a metropolitan area, I want to focus on the spatial placements of residents in the metropolitan area of Copenhagen. This will be done by exploring some of the possible trigger factors that can explain why people move from their residence as well as the characteristics of the historical in- and outflux of residents in the city.

The aim of the project is to describe how moving patterns on both a regional and a local level shape the city and explores which dynamics influence residential choices and how new technologies can affect the residential composition of neighbourhoods. I will investigate these relationships by conducting a comprehensive longitudinal study by using individual administrative data from 1981-2016 from Statistics Denmark and other sources.

I have a master's degree in sociology from the University of Copenhagen. My PhD-project is founded in a corporation between Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen and Kraks Fond – Institute for Urban Economic Research.

My supervisors are Lars Winther and Høgni Kalsø Hasnsen

ID: 186176774