Jesper Allan Frederiksen

Jesper Allan Frederiksen


I have a doctoral degree in biogeochemistry from UCPH in 2022. My Master's degree I achieved in 2018 regarding palaeoclimatology and palaeoenvironment. My bachelor degree I achieved in 2016. Before university, I have gained a lot of experience from various kinds of jobs and educations (e.g., chef, entrepreneur and football referee).

Current research

Isotopic Geobiology

Recently I am doing research in seawaters and its related carbonates by investigating non-traditionally stable isotopes. I try to find the relation between seawater, phytoplankton, other living organisms, and precipitated carbonates, to destinguish the fractionation from seawater and into carbonates through microorganisms in modern conditions. Through these investigations, I try to reconstruct ancient seawaters' isotope fractionation from carbonates.

Primary fields of research

Palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironment using:

- Non-traditional stable isotope systems from marine sediments.

- Carbon and oxygen isotopes from marine carbonates and marine fossils.

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