John C Bailey

John C Bailey


Place of work
Department of Geography and Geology
University of Copenhagen
Øster Voldgade 10
DK 1350 København K
Phone: +45 3532 2411 (direct), 3532 2500 (switchboard)
Fax: +45 3532 2440

Personal data and education
Nationality: British
1966 B.Sc. (First Class Honours), Leeds University, England,
1969 Ph.D., Australian National University, Canberra,

1970 Research assistant, Manchester University, England.
1971-1972 Amanuensis, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby
1972-1973 Adjunkt, Institute for Petrology, Copenhagen University
1973- Associate Professor, Geology Institute/
Department of Geography and Geology, Copenhagen University

Professional activities
Partially responsible for teaching of one undergraduate and three graduate courses
Leader of X-ray fluorescence laboratory
Leader of mineral separation laboratory

1976-2005 X-ray fluorescence analysis: M.Sc.
1979-1992 Geochemistry of igneous rocks: M.Sc.
1983-85-91-93 Cosmochemistry and terrestrial geochemistry: M.Sc.
1985-2005 Magmatic petrology, practical course: B.Sc.
1993-2005 Laboratory techniques (course leader): B.Sc.
1993-2005 Physical analytical methods (course leader): M.Sc.
2005 Deep Earth - oceanic and continental crust: M.Sc.
2006 Lab Course, Laboratory Methods in Geology-Geoscience (course leader) - X-ray theory and X-ray fluorescence: M.Sc.
2007 English for B.Sc. students (course leader): B.Sc.
1973 Examiner for >50 M.Sc. theses and examination co-ordinator for 1 Ph.D. thesis in Geological Institute/Department of Geography and Geology,
2007 Internal censor
Referee for Lithos, Canadian Mineralogist, Geological Magazine, Meddelelser om Grønland, Geoscience, Bulletin Geological Society Denmark, Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin.

Member of
1975-1983 library committee 
1980-1983 health and safety committee
1998-2002 ICP-Mass Spectrometer purchasing and steering group 
2001 committee for assessment of laboratories in the Geocenter
2007 "Research Group of geochemical, mineralogical and petrological Earth processes" at IGG

Field work
Took part in expeditions to Central Scotland; Queensland, Australia; South Greenland and Kamchatka, Russia

1973 SNF 163.000 kr. Generator for X-ray fluorescence lab.
1975 Natural Science Faculty, KU 270.000 kr X-ray spectrometer
1975 SNF 89.000 kr Spectrometer components
1978 SNF 80.000 kr. Generator repair
1979 SNF 16.000 kr Neutron activation analyses
1980 SNF 20.000 kr. Neutron activation analyses
1981 SNF 38.000 kr. Neutron activation analyses
1982 SNF 1.460.000 kr. X-ray fluorescent equipment
1991 SNF 26.000 kr. Field work, Kamchatka, Russia
1991 SNF 128.000 kr. Neutron activation analyses
1993 SNF 206.000 kr. Neutron activation analyses
1993 SNF 52.000 kr. Neutron activation analyses
1995 SNF 100.000 kr. Neutron activation analyses
2001 SNF 1.000.000 kr. X-ray fluorescence equipment
2002 Villum Kann Rasmussen Fund 455.000 kr. Spectrometer components
2004 Carlsberg Fund 290.000 kr. Geochemical analyses from GEUS

Supervisor for 10 finished M.Sc. projects.


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