Sampriti Basak

Sampriti Basak


Fields of interest

My research interest includes application of petrology, geochemistry, thermodynamic modelling, isotope geochronology and diffusion modelling (geospeedometry) to address the still open questions of how Earth became the only known habitable rocky planet covered by oceans and an oxygenated atmosphere. I have been interested to understand the evolution of plate tectonics and its evidence preserved within the rock record.

During my Ph.D. in Germany, I have had the opportunity to visit localities in western Australia, eastern Canada and India which hosts some of the oldest rocks of our planet. I have always been an enthusiastic field geologist as such excursions helps us to understand the different geologic features associated together in spatial resolution which to me is an integral part of the research before looking into intricate details or carry out high resolution studies in laboratories. I have been using a combination of extensive field-work and sampling, along with the expertise in petrology, advanced geochemical and isotopic techniques (Lu-Hf garnet geochronology, U-Pb zircon geochronology) and also application of diffusion chronometry on rock samples from SW Greenland and Coorg Block, India to understand Early Earth’s deep crustal processes in a global scale.

My time in University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is devoted full time to conducting research and collaborate with scientists across various institutions in DK, Germany, China and Japan on various research projects (see below) with responsibilites and duties of Bruker Tornado M4+ micro-XRF including their Automated Mineralogical Identification System (AMICS) and occassionally of our in-house JEOL Electron Microprobe JXA 8200. I have also been trained in using the XRD instrument and subsequent data analyses. Teachingwise I also have had the pleasure of supervising numerous bachelor and master students for their thesis and conduct examination at the department level.

At UCPH, I am part of the 'Early Earth Research Group' led by Associate Prof. Kristoffer Szilas and am currently leading and/or involved in the following projects:
(a) Understanding the mechanism of corundum formation in the metamorphosed and metasomatised mafic rocks from the Ujaraggsuit complex in SW Greenland using various analytical and modelling approaches
(b) Constraining the mechanism of talc deposits by looking into talc bearing lithologies from different locations in SW Greenland and determining its role in fluid composition and recycling and the prevalent geodynamics
(c) Knowledge of post emplacement-metamorphic history of the Fiskenæsset Anorthosite Complex, SW Greenland by detailed study of the metamorphosed mafic enclaves and its evolution along with the study of sapphrine bearing rocks in the area
(d) Amitsoq Graphite deposit, South Greenland: petrological and geochemical study of competing carbon and hydrogen storage processes
(e) Investigating the 1.8-billion-year-old Nagssugtoqidian Orogen (NAGO) of West Greenland to hunt for mineral micro-inclusion which can tell us about Earth’s evolution in deep time
(f) Determine the metamorphic evolution of the Neoarchean Storø Supracrustal Belt, SW Greenland

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