Master projects


Birgitte Stoffersen Geochemical and geothermobarometric investigation of the intrusive granitoids of Bornholm. Supervisor: Tod Waight


Bastian Germundsson Applied geochemistry meets chemometrics: Urban geochemistry of Copenhagen and discrimination of Celtic field systems on Bornholm. Supervisor: Tod Waight/Jens Konnerup Madsen (IGN), Kim Esbersen (GEUS)

Sebastian Næsby Geochemical investigations of S-type andesites/dacites and xenoliths from Cerro del Hoyazo, Almeria Province, SE Spain. Supervisor: Tod Waight

Amalie Cordua Development of the late Holocene deglacial environment in Upernavik Isfjord, NW Greenland. Supervisor: Tod Waight (IGN), Camilla Andresen (GEUS)

Kasper Bisgaard Jensen Allanite: mineralogy, chemistry and U-Pb dating. Supervisor: Tod Waight, Tonny Thomsen (GEUS)

Christian Søgaard-Jensen A study of the mantle source for Neogene volcanic rocks of the Southern Volcanic Zone and a petrological-geochemical investigation of lavas from the Andacollo area, Neuquén, Argentina. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.

Aleksandra Maria Orlowicz The Lithospheric Mantle of the Cape Verdes.

Patrik Berthoty New constraints of the source components for Icelandic magmas from primitive olivine and rocks.  Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.and Nina Søager

Nina Højbjerg Hansen Comparison of geophysical methods used at the South American subduction zone. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm and Lars Nielsen.

Jesper K. Hansen A petrological study of the Kulusuk intrusive centre of the Ammassalik complex. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm and Thomas Kokfelt.

Tove Eggert Olsen A petrological-geochemical investigation of the volcano Katla, Iceland. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm and A. Håskuldsson, Iceland.

Emil Aarestrup New Pb-Sr-Nd isotopic and trace element data from Katla, SW Iceland: Evidence for a new radiogenic Pb-endmember of the Icelandic Pb-array? Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm and A. Håskuldsson, Iceland.


Salik Rosing Strontium isotope systematics across the Neoroterozoic Ghaub formation, Otavi Group, Namibia. Supervisor: Robert Frei

Catherine M.-E. Crotty A petrological-geochemical investigation of Neogene volcanism in the Andacollo area, Neuquén, Argentina. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.

Liv Marx Skjørbæk Mineral chemistry as indicator for the composition of magmas in the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone, Argentina. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.

Rasmus Bødker Engler Oxygen in the Fur Formation. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.

Trygvi Árting A geochronological, petrological and geochemical investigation ofthe ProterozoicTasiilaq intrusion. (Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.and Thomas Kokfelt, GEUS)


Simon Serre Hansen Amphiboles from the subcontinental lithospheric mantle, southern New Zealand. Supervisor: Tod Waight

Asta Fabricius Jørgensen Linking ASTER data to ground truth geological investigations. Supervisor: Tod Waight

Sven Helbig Gold deposits explained through principal component analysis in South Greenland. Supervisor: Tod Waight (IGN), Jochen Kolb/Kim Esbersen (GEUS).

Josephine W. Persson A geochemical and Sr, Nd and Pb isotopic study of Miocene-Pliocene volcanism of the Payenia volcanic        province in the Southern Volcanic Zone, Argentina. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.

Nathali A. Thorup Origin and evolution of Miocen back-arc magmas at Rio Barrancas (36.3˚S), and a comparison with SVZ arc and back arc rocks from the Pavena volcanic Province, TSVZ. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.

Anne C. K. Pedersen New 40Ar/39Ar age datings and their implications for the development of the Transitional –Central Southern volcanic Zone arc and backarc in the Miocene to Pliocene. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.


Andreas Frandsen Geochemical exploration, using sedimentary geochemistry, Nth Greenland. Supervisor: Tod Waight

Jesper Saxtoft Geochemical soil Mapping, Kangerluarsuk area, SW Greenland. Supervisor: Tod Waight, Stefan Bernstein (GEUS)

Dennis Rye Hansen Mafic inclusions in Svaneke Granite, Bornholm. Supervisor: Tod Waight

Jakob Tørnqvist Using crystal isotope stratigraphy to elucidate magma chamber processes in andesites at Cabo De Gata, Spain. Supervisor: Tod Waight

Helene Heide-Jørgensen A volcanological and geochemical investigation of back-arc volcanism in the area near Cerro Diamante, Mendoza, Argentina. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm and Tod Waight

Thomas Poulsen The provenance of sediments as indicated from feldspar. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.

Natassia Jensen A Petrological, geochemical and field study of the Agua Escondida area in the back-arc of the Transitional Southern Volcanic Zone, Argentina. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.


Katrine Baden Paleoproterozoic hydrothermal graphite-sulfide+/-gold mineralization from the Tasiilaq area, southeast Greenland, SW Greenland. Supervisor: Tod Waight, Jochen Kolb (GEUS)

Amaya Menendez Gamella Linking ash to magma, Ash deposits at Red Crater, Mt Tongariro, New Zealand. Supervisor: Tod Waight

Peter Fink Jensen Pb isotope Investigations of paint on Greek statues. Supervisor: Tod Waight, Minik Rosing (SNM)

Regitze Petersen A petrographic and geochemical description and characterization of the Cu-Au east Seel and Cu-Au-Mo west Seel porphyry deposits, British Columbia, Canada. Supervisor: Tod Waight

Martin Mehlsen Dating of monazite from the Yaounde Group, south Cameroon. Supervisor: Tod Waight, Christian Knudsen (GEUS)

Majken D. Poulsen Explosive volcanism following outflow of the continental plateau basalts in East Greenland and the Færoe Islands. A geochemical investigation of the Eaocene ash layers of the Fur Formation, Denmark. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm

Mads Alfastsen A geochemical investigation of the Northern segment of the Pavenia volcanic province, Argentina.Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm..