Phd Projects


Francesco Guidoni Structural properties of sulfosalts at high pressure. Supervisors: Paola Comodi, Sabrina Nazzareni (Italy), Tonci Balic-Zunic (IGN)


Johanne Schmith Volcanology and hazards of phreatomagmatic basaltic eruptions. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm (IGN), A. Höskuldsson (Iceland)

Sirio Consani Minerals, Contaminants and Microorganisms. Interractions in Acid Mine Setting. Supervisors: Cristina Carbone, Gabriella Salviulo (Italy), Tonci Balic-Zunic (IGN)


Robin-Marie Bell Gold mineralization in the Nanulak region, S Greenland. Supervisors: Tod Waight (IGN), Jochen Kolb (GEUS).

Anouk Borst REE mineralogy in the Ilimaussaq Intrusion, Greenland. Supervisors: Tod Waight (IGN), Troels Nielsen (GEUS), Henrik Friis (University of Oslo)

Cora Paulukat Chromium stable isotope fractionation in modern biogeochemical cycling: Insights from continental weathering flux to the ocean, and chromium incorporation into carbonate shells. Supervisor: Robert Frei (IGN)

Alexandra Rodler Chromium isotope uptake in carbonates – an experimental and application-based evaluation of the potential use of chromium isotopes as a paleoclimatic tracer in the marine environment. Supervisor: Robert Frei (IGN)

Joan M. D’Arcy Chromium isotope variations in modern and ancient environments. Supervisor: Robert Frei (IGN)

Frederik E. Brandt Mantle enrichment by volatiles as the Nazca plate subducts beneath the Payenia backarc of the Southern Volcanic Zone, Argentina A geochemical study of melt inclusions, minerals and tephra. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm.


Quinten van der Meer Investigating sources of magmatism during the change from subduction to extension in Cretaceous New Zealand. Supervisor: Tod Waight (IGN)


Lasse N. Døssing Chromium stable isotope systematics – implications for the redox evolution of the Earth. (Supervisor: Robert Frei (IGN)


Charlotte T. Dyhr Temporal and geochemical evolution of Miocene volcanism in the Andean back-arc between 39oS and 38oS and U-series analyses of young volcanic centres in the arc and back-arc, Argentina. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm (IGN) with T.F. Kokfelt (GEUS) and A. Höskuldsson (University of Iceland).

Nina Søager Quarternary basaltic volcanism in the Payenia volcanic province, Argentina. Supervisor: Paul Martin Holm (IGN)

José Ricardo Assunção Godinho A surface approach to understanding the dissolution of fluorite type materials. Supervisors: Sandra Piazolo (Sweden), Tonci Balic-Zunic (IGN)