Inspiration catalogue

Title - Keywords - Institution

  1. Petrology and geochemistry of the Niflheim (aka Underworld) intrusion of SE Greenland (KS).

  2. Broad geochemical and petrological study of supracrustal rocks from SE Greenland, including amphibolite, metapelite and marble (KS).

  3. Petrogenesis of ruby in metasomatised ultramafic and metapelitic rocks from SW Greenland (KS).

  4. Petrology and geochemistry of Ni-mineralised noritic/dioritic intrusive rocks from the Maniitsoq region, SW Greenland (KS).

  5. Petrogenesis of Mesoarchaean andesitic rocks from Bjørneøen in the Nuuk region (KS).

  6. Petrology of chromitites from the Seqi Ultramafic Complex. Identification of PGE-host (KS).

  7. Petrology of 3700 Ma Isua dunite/serpentinite, SW Greenland (KS).

  8. Petrology of +4000 Ma peridotite and chromitite from the Itsaq Gneiss Complex, SW Greenland (KS).

  9. Mineral chemistry variations in Bornholm granitoids with implications for magmatic evolution (TW)

  10. Using mineral chemistry variations in the Hohonu Lamprophyre Dike Swarm, New Zealand to constrain crystallization conditions (TW).

  11. Using mineral chemistry variations in the Paparoa Lamprophyre Dike Swarm, New Zealand to constrain crystallization conditions (TW).

  12. Garnet geochemistry in the Cero Del Hoyazo Dacite, Southern Spain (TW).

  13. Rare Earth element patterns of modern bivalves (RF)

  14. Major and trace elements in black shales from the Yangtse platform, China (RF)

  15. Seasonal variations in chromium and chromium isotopes in Baltic Seawater (RF)

  16. Chromium isotopes in common bivalves from Sanibel, Florida (RF)

  17. Trace elements and chromium isotopes in ironstones from Eiffel and Harzgebirge, Germany

  18. Trace element patterns of belemnites (RF)

  19. Trace element patterns along a Neoproterozoic carbonate profile at Midsommerø, N Greenland (RF)

  20. Patagonian backarc basaltic volcanism: Using whole rock elements and isotopes and mineral chemistry together with literature data to constrain the melting processes and the interplay between asthenospheric and lithospheric mantle sources (NS, PMH).

  21. Mineral chemistry of Mio-Pliocene andesite-dacite lavas from the backarc province Payenia, Argentina. Constraining magma properties (pressure, temperature, oxygen fugacity), contamination history and magma sources and the relation to tectonic events (microprobe and laser ablation) (NS, PMH).

  22. Arc and near backarc volcanism in the Northern Volcanic Zone of the Andes: tracing the nature of the primary melts and constraining crystallization sequences and behavior of chalcophile elements through mineral and whole rock chemistry (microprobe and laser ablation) (NS, PMH).

  23. Haüyne-bearing cumulate rocks and mantle xenoliths from Santo Antao Island, Cape Verde. A study of magma chamber processes and/or melt-mantle interaction of highly Si-undersaturated magmas  (NS, PMH).

  24. Melt inclusion and mineral chemistry of primitive Icelandic basalts. A microprobe and laser ablation study aiming at constraining the fluid-contents of primitive Icelandic melts, crystallization depths and magma mixing processes  (NS, PMH).

  25. Characterizing the mantle sources of alkaline ocean island basalts using olivine minor and trace elements: constraints on magma temperature, oxygen fugacity and source lithology (NS).

  26. Mineral composition and genesis of fumaroles; Iceland, Italy and Greece (TBZ)

  27. Sulfate phase systems and their relation to surface geological environments (TBZ)

  28. High-pressure studies of minerals in relation to deep-Earth mineralogy and novel materials (TBZ)

  29. Characterisation and quantification of minerals with X-Ray Diffraction methods in lavas (TBZ)