Benjamin Linnebjerg

Benjamin Linnebjerg

PhD fellow

2022 → Present: PhD, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 → 2022: MSc, BSc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Research Interests

Igneous and metamorphic petrology, volcanology, high-T geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, geochronology, platetectonics, early Earth geodynamics and evolution, mineral deposits and mineral resources. 

Ongoing Research Project

Title: Reassessing the existence of plate tectonics on the early Earth
Start: May 2022         End: April 2025
Supervisor: Kristoffer Szilas (KU-IGN)

The current petrogenetic model for Archean anorthosite complexes, implies the operation of subduction zones around 3 billion years ago. My research project investigate the rocks of the well preserved 3 billion years old Fiskenæsset anorthosite complex in SW Greenland. I will through field work, analytical geochemistry, and magmatic differentiation modelling using MELTS-software, test an alternative hypothesis in which such rocks formed by decompression of dry magmas. Project mentioned here.


ID: 304632813