Lingyu Zhang

Lingyu Zhang

PhD student

Primary fields of research

I started my PhD research from November 2020 and my research is about the origin of some Archean rocks found in the Nuuk region of SW Greenland. These unusually well-preserved peridotites are associated with mafic to ultramafic igneous assemblages, and they represent a unique window into Earth’s earliest processes during the Archean Eon (>2.5 Ga). By using XRD, EMPA, LA-ICP-MS and MELTS model analyses, I plan to carry out a detailed petrographic study and develop a petrogenetic model to assess if such rocks represent mantle residues, or if they simply formed as a consequence of fractional crystallization processes of the associated metavolcanic rocks.

Current research

  • The origin of some ultramafic rock samples found associated with two greenstone belt: Bjørneøen greenstone belt and Storø greenstone belt
  • The origin of the isolated Narssaq peridotite body found as km-size inclusions within Archean tonalite

ID: 250635332