6 November 2018

Research Seminar on Mass Housing

The research project Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes hosts the seminar Researching Mass Housing. The seminar gathers national and international scholars who work with European mass housing from architectural, cultural, political and ecological perspectives to discuss the past, present and future of mass housing.



Welcome and intro

Mass Housing: Modern Architecture and State Power
Miles Glendenning, Professor, Edinburgh College of Art

Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes. The open spaces of Danish social housing in the welfare state
Ellen Braae, Professor, Svava Riesto, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

15:55 Coffee Break

The emergence of ‘concrete slum’ – Danish mass housing 1970-85
Mikkel Høghøj, PhD student, Danish Centre for Urban History, the University of Aarhus        

Knowing users and uses of mass housing –a critical examination of the tools of the architect
Heidi Kajita, Teaching Associate Professor, The Royal Academy School of Architecture, Copenhagen

17:30 Discussion
17:45 Closing