Design Research, Design Pedagogies and Aesthetics – University of Copenhagen

Design Research, Design Pedagogies and Aesthetics 

Design research is central to understanding, conceptualising, and developing landscape architecture and urbanism. Topical issues include transdisciplinary co-creation, 1:1 prototyping, new forms of media mediation, and new performative aesthetics in an increasingly transformative practice. We use practice-based research and design education to develop design theory, methods, and pedagogy as well as place-specific knowledge for urban landscape development, often in collaboration with practice partners.

Current projects

Cocreating Sydhavnen (Bettina Lamm)
Companion to Landscape Architecture Research (Ellen BraaeHenriette Steiner)
Developing Place-based Potential (Anne Tietjen)
Sensory Large Scale Analyses and Design (Rikke Munck Petersen)
Co-Design Lab (Peter Lundsgaard Hansen)
Demosspace (N, Aas, Bettina Lamm & Anne Tietjen)
Permitted exceptions: Authorized temporary urban spaces (Anne Margethe Wagner, supervisor: Bettina Lamm)
The We-Project. Co-designing Playable Environments with Children and Young People (Laura Winge, supervisor: Bettina Lamm)
Urban Gardening (Anne Madsbjerg, supervisors: Trine Agervig Carstensen & Gertrud Jørgensen)
NN (Natalie Koerner, supervisors: Peter Bertram & Henriette Steiner

Completed projects

SEEDS (Bettina Lamm)
Playable (Bettina Lamm)
Travelling Transects (Ellen Braae, Lisa Diedrich, Gini Lee)