Forthcoming volume: Routledge Companion to Landscape Architecture, edited by Ellen Braae and Henriette Steiner. – University of Copenhagen

Forthcoming volume: Routledge Research Companion to Landscape Architecture, edited by Ellen Braae and Henriette Steiner

This 700-page volume will contain 25 chapters and provide a unique entry into state-of-the-art research in the field of Landscape Architecture. The volume brings together significant positions within current research in landscape architecture along five broad themes: ‘Māteria and History’, ‘Sites and Heritage’, ‘City and Nature’, ‘Ethics and Sustainability’, and ‘Knowledge and Practice’. Issues of politics, ethics, and sustainability will run through many of the contributions, as will issues of aesthetics and design. The contributors list is comprised of both high-profile academics and up-and-coming writers, including: 

Tom Avermaete (TU Delft) 
Peter Carl (London Metropolitan University) 
John Davis (Dumbarton Oaks) 
Cathy Dee (University of Sheffield)
Lisa Diedrich (Swedish University of Agricultural Science)
Tao DuFour (Cornell University)  
Shelley Egoz (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
Ottmar Ette (Potsdam University) 
Christophe Girot (ETH Zurich) 
Jeanne Haffner (Dumbarton Oaks) 
Eric Haldenby (University of Waterloo)
Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen) 
Flavio Janches, (University of Buenos Aires) 
Clare Lapraik Guest (Trinity College Dublin) 
Gini Lee (University of Melbourne)  
Kathryn Moore (Birmingham City University) 
Martin Prominski (Leibniz Universität Hannover) 
Kelly Shannon (University of Southern California) 
Anne Spirn (MIT) 
Michael Tawa (University of Sydney) 
Ian Thompson (Newcastle University) 
Jane Wolff (University of Toronto) 

The volume will be published by Routledge in 2017.