Landscape reading and transformation, cultural theory, heritage and welfare – University of Copenhagen

Landscape reading and transformation, cultural theory, heritage and welfare

A landscape – urban, rural, public, private – can be understood as human interaction with a specific site over time and thus as accumulated interpretations, reinterpretations, and spatial transformations. The dynamic material and immaterial qualities and histories are pivotal for our research, directing our attention to the intersection of design and cultural theory; of conception and reception; and subsequently the spatiotemporal continuum of past, present, and future. Our research thus aims to develop theories and methods for preservation, reuse, and development of the hybrid of natural and human-made landscapes.

Current projects

Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes (Ellen Braae, Svava Riesto, Henriette Steiner, Anne Tietjen)
Sven Hansen – a Welfare Designer and Planner (Ellen Braae)
Landscape Biography (Svava Riesto)
Developing Place-based Potential (Anne Tietjen)
A Tale of Two Towers (Henriette Steiner)
Permitted exceptions: Authorized temporary urban spaces (Anne Wagner supervisors: Bettina Lamm)
Big Cities – Quiet Places (Hanne Wiemann Nielsen, supervisors: Ellen Braae & Gertrud Jørgensen

Completed projects

BK2015 (Ellen Braae, Svava Riesto, Lisa Diedrich)
Transformation of Urban Industrial Areas (Ellen Braae)
Negotiating (In)visibilities (Henriette Steiner)
SEEDS (Bettina Lamm)
Naturpark Amager – Muligheder og indsatser (Rikke Munck Petersen