Teaching – University of Copenhagen


We teach theories and methodologies substantiating design work, context, and process analyses that address constructive, functional, societal, sensorial, and artistic issues. These include various theories and methods for transforming and reassembling complex multi-scalar spatial relationships, leading to problem formulation and subsequently strategic design by means of spatial interventions.

The development of media and representation as two sides of the same coin is crucial to this work. Focus is on current societal and climate changes, which necessitate spatial transformations of the urban landscape in addition to increased aesthetic and recreational functions for this landscape.

The Research Group for Landscape Architecture and –Urbanism contributes substantially to BSc Landskabsarkitektur and MSc Landscape Architecture via the following courses:

BSc Plan & Design (Richard Hare)
BSc Håndværk og Æstetik (Rikke Munck-Petersen)
BSc Geodesign (Richard Hare)
BSc Fagets videnskabsteori (Henriette Steiner)
BSc Byplanstudio I og II (Johanne Heesche)
BSc Planter og Teknologi (Torben Dam)
BSc Bachelorprojekt 

MSc Theories and Methods of Landscape Architecture (Svava Riesto og Ellen Braae)
MSc Theories of Urban Design(Anne Tietjen)
MSc Landscape Studio (Peter Lundsgaard Hansen)
MSc Urban Intervention Studio (Bettina Lamm)
MSc Urbanism Studio (Ellen Braae and Anne Madsbjerg)
MSc Transformation Studio (Anne Tietjen)
MSc Design by Management (Torben Dam)
MSc Landscape Film (Rikke Munck-Petersen)
MSc Master thesis