Papers and posters – University of Copenhagen

World in Denmark 2010 - Papers and Posters - 17-19 of June

The conference theme As Found has been explored in academic papers and posters from a wide range of disciplines. Download the peer reviewed papers below.

Papers from Natural Processes

Natural prosses as means to create local connection - explorative drawings for a Chinese neighbourhood
Victoria Sjøstedt
Reconquering the Post - Industrial Site - Landscaping in Bytom, Poland
Lea Louise Holst Laursen Johanna Danuta Pierchala
Regeneration of inherent natural processes according to an ecorevelatory approach
Shina Sad Berenji, Shadi Barati and Mahdi Sheybani
Stone and Water. A biography of sloping Carlsberg, Copenhagen
Svava Riesto
Villa Hydraulica
Inge Bobbink
Leie, secondarity and promiscuity ‘as found’
Bruno de Meulde

Papers from Large Scale Development

Openfields, empty territories or territories of projects - Beauce, a particular case of post-rural territory
Stanislas Henroin
The Seeds of Future Landscapes: A Case Study in the Semantics of De-growth in Bordighera-Vallecrosia-Ventimiglia
Ivano Di Molfetta
The Piave “As Found”. Landscapes From the Water
Claudio Bertorelli and Franco Zagari
(Re)Forming Cantho’s As Found Canal-Landscape
Kelly Shannon and Annelies De Nijs

Papers from Sites of Representation

As Found on Site: Framing, Juxtaposing, Narrating - Relics of the Past in the Present and Future
Shelly Egoz
Center and Margin. Spatial Reductionism of Cultural Sites in Sandnes, Norway
Liv Bente Belsnes
Favorably Found and Proudly Presented – Scouting for Locations in the Media Terrain
Maria Hellström Reimer

Papers from Finding Modern Sites

Site Dimension in Modern Housing Districts
Bernadette Blanchon and Vanessa Fernandez
Mea Forgotten Philosophy of Technoscape Design -Marvellous Landscape Design of Purification Plant in 1930s
Masaaki Okada
Landscape as art and architecture – The Hydro Park and the renewal of the Norwegian landscape
Karsten Jørgensen
Articulating the Site
Saskia de Wit
Changing perspective on cultural heritage in Hvidovre - a practical approach to suburban planning
Signe Dehn Sparrevohn
The Molten Core
Povl Gad
What did we find? Common Ground!
Merete Ahnfeldt-Mollerup and Biba Schmidt Fibiger

Papers from Open Space Design

Green Wave -Towards a Safe Public Place!
Per Axelsson and Sara Vikstrand
Sculpture in the Parklands - ‘Equational’ Landscape Architecture
Dermont Foley and Kevin o’Dwyer
Guidelines for Park Design – Standardization versus Site Identity
Dagmar Grimm-Pretner and Karl Grimm
Influence and Identity: Articulating the Future
Becky Sobell and Andy Thomson
Carl Berners plass; from traffic junction to urban square, a process of 81 years
Rainer Stange
Texture on site - Findings on natural stone and paving
Torben Dam
The Makeover of Norra Bantorget, Stockholm
Bent Isling and Staffan Malm

Papers from Forgotten Spaces

Kevin Lynch, Walter Benjamin and Interstitia Space in San Francisco
Tanu Sankalia
Found Ground - The role of derelict sites in today’s urban settings: The case study of Tallinn dockside
Anna-Liisa Unt
Minimal Interventions: A Proposal for Bricklayers Arms Roundabout in Southwark, London - ‘Old Kent Paradise’
Martin Ebert and Catharina Gabrielsson
As Found: Contested uses within the ‘left-over’ spaces of the city
Joanne Hudson and Pamela Shaw

Papers from Finding with the Body

Reading Sites in Experience: an "aural affective survey" inside Oslo
Alice Labadini
Always Let The Road Decide: Walking Along the Highways of Dubai, UAE
David Kendall
Found Walking - An Immanent Approach to Site and Design
Michael Lewis

Papers from Alternative Strategies in Urban Planning

Place, space, site, system
Hope Hasbrouck
Design as Process of Research - Case Study for Riverscape Diversity in Tangshan
Xiaoying Meng, Yubo Zou and Bo Bi
Waterfront Amnesia: Post Industrial Waterfronts and the search for authenticity
Perry Lethlean
Performative Planning - Staging inherent potentials in urban transformation processes
Kristine Samson
Embedded Spatial Intelligence - Inherent Potential of Peri-urban Fabric in China
Tomaz Pipan
Anti-aesthetics, Post-industrial Urban Waste Lands, and the Problems of Creating an Adequate Contextual Reconstruction
Ole Pihl
Points of Interest: Found Landscapes and the Tour
Gini Lee Aila

Papers from Values and Methods in Cultural Heritage

Meanings of Replica – Fake or Landscape Enhancement?
Tomohiro Kitao and Masaaki Okada
The making of a cultural heritage site – a study of The Aker River, Norway
Sveinung Berg and Kari Larsen
Building Preservation Practice; Architect’s Interpretation and Communication of Stories in the Built Environment
Marie Kristine Pilegaard
The Declaration of Monumental Buildings and its Fundaments in disciplinary knowledge
Olof Woltil
Urban voids and deindustrialization: industrial heritage in large Brazilian cities
Cristina Meneguello
Aalborg – a physical and mental transformation from an industrial to a knowledge-based city
Anne Juel Andersen and Thomas Birket-Smith

Papers from Education

The As found as a pedagogic and critical device
Thordis Arrhenius
The PAO Experiment: Understanding Culture through Collective Creation
Joerg Noenning and Michael Wieczorek
Findings - Using complexity as investigation tool: the plan as dynamic process
Magdalena Haggärde and Gisle Løkken
Constructing Sites on a Large Scale – Towards New Design (Education) Methods
Ellen Braae and Anne Tietjen

Papers from Parks and Cemeteries - GPS analysis

Towards a Topology of Death: Cemetery as Garden, Cemetery as Square
Desponia D. Zavraka
New Planning Approaches for Natural Resources in Urban Areas
Alev Bekdemir
Detecting user patterns in public green space - A GPS based survey of visitor behavior and movement patterns in a park in Denmark
Henrik Harder, Thomas Sick Nielsen and Pernille Nymann Jensen

Papers from Urban Landscape Transformation

Qualifying Urban Landscapes
Thomas Juel Clemmensen, Morten Daugaard and Tom Nielsen
Towards a new landscape architecture. The resilient city
Mads Farsø
To be Found: The Urban Landscape
Gunilla Lindholm
Harbourscape: Design based waterfront development
Hans Kiib