World in Denmark 2011

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World in Denmark 2011

Key note speakers
The post-conference bike trip - Hill-Harbour- beach 

The 7th annual ‘World in Denmark’ Conference

The conference presented key note speakers from landscape architecture, urban design and urbanism who reflected upon their most recent transformations of the urban landscape.

World in Denmark 2011 was organised by the Research Group for Landscape architecture and –urbanism, Forest & Landscape, University of Copenhagen.


Climate changes are very present. You don’t have to be an ecologist to sense the monster rain, the increasing dryness and the hurricanes.

Nature acts in its own vigorous way and it can be both fascinating and scaring. Climate changes revive the dualistic relation to nature that is inherent in Christian culture. On the one hand nature constitutes the common arch for living on this planet, and on the other nature within and around us must be tamed and controlled.

How does this multi-binding to nature – the dependency, the fascination and right now the fear of nature – influence landscape architecture, a profession whose primary field of action is the interaction between man and nature? How can we read and understand these forces and feelings from the way we interact with nature? Which techniques are appropriate tools and what aesthetics does this fear of nature reveal?