The post-conference bike trip - Hill-Harbour- beach – University of Copenhagen

The post-conference bike trip - Hill-Harbour- beach

World in Denmark 2011

Residential silosWe start on top of a hill that has once attracted the Carlsberg breweries and that is now one of Copenhagen’s major postindustrial transformation areas. We go down to the water, where derelict harbour sites are re-used for housing and business (Sjoermaerken by Vandkunsten, SEB bank and Nykredit by SLA, Havneholmen by Tranberg Lundsgaard, MVRDV Silos). Finally we enter the vast expanses of the Amager polder, today a nature reserve, next to which the new district of Ørestad is taking shape (Concert Hall by Jean Nouvel, Tietgen College by Tranberg Lundsgaard).

Prags BoulevardWe cross Amager peninsula (Prags Boulevard by Kristine Jensen, Community Center by Dorte Mandrup) and end the tour at the shores of Øresund (Youth Center by PLOT, Amager Beach by Hasløv Kjarsgaard).

Bikeability is a promising concept for future urban transport, well developed in Copenhagen and explored on this trip: The bike offers us a broader reach that a walk and a more bodily contact than a bus tour.