Papers – University of Copenhagen


The conference theme City PLANTastic has been explored in academic papers. Download the papers below. 

Papers about Cultural imprints

The history of landscape and gardens in the Maya cities
By Alejandra Porras Mor
Opuntia ficus indica “memory of urban agriculture” in a new low cost plantscape”: a civic experience called Uparco (Palermo, Sicily)
By Manfredi Leone
The green stripe connecting two continents: The characteristic trees of Bosporus (Istanbul)
By Sara Dadras
Narratives of sustainability in the urban landscape: Canberra’s National Capital Open Space System (NCOSS)
By Andrew MacKenzie and Dr Shanti Sumartojo

Papers about Vistas and motives

By Vicente-Franqueira, Teresa
Methods for exploring relations between landscape and water balance
By Rosalina Wenningsted -Torgard, Ellen Marie Braae, Marina Bergen Jensen

Papers about Tree sampling

A comparative analysis of municipal urban tree inventories of selected major cities in North America and Europe Short Communication
By Julie Kjeldsen-Kragh Keller and Cecil C. Konijnendijk
Unitec Arboretum
By Penny Cliffin

Papers about Urban affectors

Efficient Plantation Strategies for Urban Villages in New Delhi
By Bishwajit Banerjee

Papers about New nature concepts

Strategies of Mutualism versus Hyper-efficiency in Sustainable Buildings and Cities
By Ebru Özer and Douglas T. Thompson
The use of vegetation as expression of a happy memory in jean Nouvel's recent projects
By Smaranda Maria Todoran
Prototype Ecologies; Vegetation in British Landscape Urbanism
By Jo Phillips
Urban Blurrings: The new role of ‘Nature’ in contemporary landscape design
By Despoina D. Zavraka

Papers about Ground dynamics

Lawns and ornamental meadows as an alternative in the South Europe
By Castro, M. C. M. L. and Ponte-e-Sousa, C. M. C.

Papers about Walking & talking

The inherent politics of quality in public park management
By Andrej Christian Lindholst
Investigation of design tools for urban green in a densified city
By Jitka Svensson and Carola Wingren
Opening the Field - Shaping an Urban Biodiversity
By Martin Odgaard