World in Denmark 2013

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World in Denmark 2013

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The theme

Open space is perhaps the essential constituent element of urban development for the welfare state as we experience it in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe. However, the ideological foundations of the welfare state – in terms of conceptions of democracy, health and equality – are ever changing.

The 9th World in Denmark conference sets out to explore possible futures of the postwar city’s open spaces in an increasingly individualized society. How can we imagine their function, use and designation, their ethics and aesthetics? What are our architectural and theoretical visions for the development of future collective open spaces in the post war city? Five international key note speakers from landscape architecture, architecture and urbanism showed their remarkable projects and fueled the discussion throughout the day.

World in Denmark 2013 was organised by The research group for landscape architecture and -urbanism, Institute of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, Copenhagen University.
With thanks to Dreyer Fund for their indispensable financial support.