Emilia Danuta Lausen

Emilia Danuta Lausen

Assistant Professor

  • Landscape Architecture, Planning and Design

    Rolighedsvej 23

    1958 Frederiksberg C

Emilia D. Lausen is a landscape architect (MSc from Wageningen University, Netherlands) and researcher (PhD from Copenhagen University).

Her research interests center around solutions and methods for climate adaptation of urban areas from the technical, social and ecological perspectives.

Emilia’s current research includes:

1. Development and modification of the Green Climate Screen, a free-standing, multifunctional, vertical stormwater management technology designed to handle roof runoff that is infiltrated and evapotranspiration to the level of the current pipe solutions in Denmark. Presently, her research focuses on the operational parameters and establishing the site water balance though experimental testing of the demonstration screen located in Valby, Copenhagen.

2. Optimization of the evapotranspiration in nature-based solutions (NBS) to re-establish the pre-urban water balance. Specific research questions relate to the investigation of baseline data for plant species used in stormwater-NBS.

3. Systemic approach to integration of stormwater management practices and biodiversity on the city-wide scale with use of street level systems in the Norwegian project SPARE “Space for resilience - how do we plan for stormwater, biodiversity and recreation to increase urban resilience?” https://www.spare-project.com/


Current Teaching

Plants and Technology 1 and 2: bachelor level course

Contribution to the master course: Urban Ecosystem

ID: 49762949