Partners and links

IGN: Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen

EiABC: Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development, Addis Ababa University

IHSS: Institute of Human Settlements Studies, Ardhi University


IGN is an international leader on landscape based stormwater management in urban areas with more than 25 international publications and 7 PhDs in the field since 2007. IGN has approximately 450 staff including 150 PhD students, and is annually responsible for about 2000 students.

IGN offers three MSc programmes within international development studies and has lead large international research programmes such as the PLUREL (10.5 mil. EUR).

Director: Dr. Marina Bergen Jensen. Professor of the design and construction of urban landscapes adapted to climate change. She has a background in soil science and horticulture. Since 1997, she has been a researcher in LSM and is currently project leader and innovation leader of three large Danish research projects (total budget 100 mil. DKK) dealing with LSM in the light of climate change.

Postdoc: Dr. Antje Backhaus. Assistant professor of landscape technology, with a PhD in LSM.

Project coordinator: Dr. Li Liu. Postdoc on eco-city planning with focus on water, green infrastructure and urban form. She has a PhD in urban green structure planning and a MSc in landscape architecture.

Cross-cutting researcher: Dr. Lise Herslund. Associate professor of urban planning with a specialization in urban livelihoods and participatory methods and stakeholder involvement, and trained as a geographer. She is presently WP leader in the CLUVA project.

Support: Dr. Patrik Karlsson Nyed. GIS expert and ecologist.

Associated researcher: Dr. Ole Fryd with a PhD in LSM, a MSc in urban design, and knowledge about the spatial design options for LSM and the facilitation of collective learning processes. He is currently a Lecturer in Urban and Environmental Planning at The University of Melbourne.


EiABC has approximately 370 staff, 15 PhD students, 100 MSc students, and 3000 BSc students. Core competences and postgraduate courses are in the fields of environmental planning, landscape design, urban design, housing and sustainable development.

Director, Prof. Dr. Kumelachew Yeshitela, Chair Holder of the Chair of Ecosystem Planning and Management and PhD Program Coordinator at EiABC, Addis Ababa University. He was a researcher in EU-funded project “Sustainable management of wetlands in Illubabor, Ethiopia”. He worked as a team leader of the Forest Genetic Resources Conservation Project (funded by GTZ) from 2000 to 2003. He is presently the case study city leader of CLUVA project and contributes to WP2.2 of CLUVA.

City researchers (two half time), Abraham Workneh (urban planner) and Dr. Ketema Abebe (sociologist). The researchers have a planning and social science profile in order to perform research and gather the PhD findings to elucidate the institutional and livelihood aspects in Addis Ababa supported by the planning expertise at IHSS and IGN.

PhD student (WP1), Alazar Assefa

PhD student (WP2), Liku Workalemahu

PhD student (WP3), Dagnachew Adugna


IHSS is a leading tertiary institution undertaking research in human settlements. The Institute comprises 13 core staff and 5 supporting staff. In most research engagements the Institute draws additional staff from the six schools at Ardhi University, which together have over 400 academic staff and more than 150 post-graduate students. The key areas of competence include urban planning and management, housing, urban governance, landscape planning and design, infrastructure provision, public policy analysis and urban poverty and livelihoods.

Director, Prof. Dr. Wilbard Kombe is a Professor of Urban Land Management and an urban designer by profession. He has been involved in many research and consultancy projects within Tanzania and in several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. His research profile include research in informal and formal land management, governance of water in peri-urban areas; livelihoods of the poor and basic infrastructure provisions. His consultancy project include landscape analysis and design of many institutions and towns in Tanzania. He is currently leading the research team working on the CLUVA project. He is also the director of IHSS.

Postdoc, Dr. Tatu M. Limbumba, has a PhD in Built Environment Analysis and MSc in GIS for Urban Planning and Management. She is a researcher specialising in urban studies covering a range of subjects including applications of GIS in urban management and development, urban landuse planning and management, urban policy analysis, housing and urban infrastructure provision and analysis.

City researcher: Dr. Liberatus Mrema (part-time involvement) is an architect by profession specialising in landscape design. He has a rich knowledge of ecological design and conservation. The researcher has a green space planning profile to bring in the green area analysis in Dar es Salaam supported by the expertise at EiABC and IGN. 

PhD student, G. Mufadlal

PhD student, Frederick A. Ligate